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Please report to the main reception; the

concierges outside the hospital will guide

you if required. Please note that if you

arrive much earlier than your admission

time your bed may not be available

immediately. You will be escorted to

your room by a porter, who will explain

the room facilities, and you will then be

visited by the admissions officer, who will

confirm your details and ask you to sign

the relevant registration documents.

If you are to be admitted to the Day

Surgery unit, you will be escorted to your

bed by a member of the admissions team,

who will explain the facilities.

A nurse will complete the admission

process with you. This will include:

• Confirming your identity

• Completing paperwork

• Asking you questions about yourself

and your health

• Taking your blood pressure, pulse

and temperature


You will be given two hospital bracelets

with your name and details on them.

During your stay you will be asked on a

number of occasions to confirm your name

and date of birth, because our checking

procedure requires us to confirm certain

details are correct. This is standard practice

for any patient having an operation as we

have to ensure the correct procedure is

carried out. We do know who you are and

why you are in hospital, but need to check

our information for safety reasons.


If you are allergic to anything such as certain

food, medication or latex, please tell your

nurse and you will receive red allergy bands

to alert all staff to your allergy status.



In order to provide the highest levels

of care, our staff use the latest secure

smartphone technology to help them

communicate with each other instantly.

If you see our doctors, nurses or any other

member of staff using mobile devices,

please be assured that they are working

to provide you with the best possible

care. If you have any questions about the

technology they are using, please do ask –

they will always be happy to explain.



Patient identification


Smartphone technology

What to wear

Personal belongings

Can I use my mobile?


What to bring