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Please bring the following items in with you:

• All tablets, medications and inhalers that

you are currently taking, in the original

packaging, or any prescriptions you have,

but DONOT bring in your dosette box

• A pair of closed-back, flat-soled

shoes, trainers or well-fitting slippers

for your safety

•Your HCA Hospital ID card if you have

been a patient at a HCA hospital before

• Any X-rays, scans or other appropriate

reports or letters

• Any toiletries you require;

aerosols should

not be used in the bedrooms

as they can

set off the smoke detectors, however they

may be used in the bathrooms if the door

is closed

• Glasses/contact lenses, cases and solutions

• Something to help you pass the time, such

as a laptop, books, magazines or puzzles

• Any chargers you may need for telephones

and laptops

• All electrical devices and chargers will

need to be PAT tested by our engineering

team prior to being plugged in to ensure

that they are safe and do not pose a fire

risk. Please speak to your nurse who will

arrange for this to be done.

• E-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere

at this site


There are no restrictions on visiting

hours for inpatients during the daytime,

but please limit your visitors to a

maximum of three or four at any one

time. In the evening, please ask them to

leave by 10pm. If there are exceptional

circumstances, please discuss these with

the nurse in charge.

We ask that all visitors stay away if they

are feeling unwell or have had sickness or

diarrhoea within the last 48 hours.

All visitors are asked to wash their hands

or use the hand sanitisers when they arrive

at our hospital and before they enter your

room to reduce the risk of infections.

Children are welcome to visit, but must be

supervised by an adult at all times. Hospital

staff cannot be asked to care for visiting

children under any circumstances, and

children are not allowed to stay overnight.

Calls from friends or relatives can be

made to the private telephone by your

bed. Please ask your callers to call the

ward you are staying in, and a nurse will

put them through (see ‘Useful telephone

numbers’ on page 21 of this booklet).

Alternatively, they can call the main

switchboard on

020 7407 3100

and ask

to be put through to your room.

Staying overnight

In exceptional circumstances, your

relatives may wish to stay overnight.

Please note there are a number of criteria

that the nursing staff must consider when

making the decision to allow someone to

stay overnight with you. These take into

account health and safety, security and fire

regulations as well as the benefit to you,

the patient. With these factors in mind,

only one person would be allowed to stay

overnight and a charge is made for this

service. We are not licensed to allow child

visitors under the age of 18 to stay at the

hospital, for their own safety, and cannot

permit this under any circumstances.


1. The patient has been assessed by their

Consultant or nurse as critically ill

2. The relative/friend is acting as a carer/

interpreter/chaperone for the patient

3. A patient who needs emotional support

during their end-of-life care

4. The patient is under 18 years of age