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At London Bridge Hospital, we are proud

to have an extremely low infection rate.

Our infection control nurse works closely

with all of our staff to minimise the risk

of infection for our patients, and we

encourage you to also take an active role

in helping us to maintain our standards.

We have strict measures in place to ensure

that you are protected to the best of our

ability; these include mandatory training

in infection prevention and control for all

our staff.

Methicillin resistant staphylococcus

aureus (MRSA)


Around 30 per cent of the

population carries MRSA in their nose. All

patients being admitted to our hospital, or

having treatment in a designated high-risk

area such as the Renal Dialysis Unit, will

be required to undergo screening for this


If the screening returns a positive

result, you may be required to undergo

a suppression/eradication treatment

consisting of an antiseptic wash and a

nasal ointment. This is simply a protective

measure so please do not be concerned.


Alcohol hand sanitiser is available

throughout the hospital and all staff and

visitors are encouraged to use this on

entry and exit to all departments.

You can help to reduce the risk of

infection in the following ways:


• Before arrival and on admission, please

inform the nursing staff of any recent

illness, such as diarrhoea or vomiting, or

infections that have required antibiotics

• Wash your hands before meals and after

using toilet facilities; if you are unable to

get to the bathroom to do this, please ask

your nurse to provide you with wipes

• Do not touch any of your wounds,

cannula dressings, or catheters and drains

• Report any loose, soiled or wet

dressings to the nursing staff to ensure

they are changed

• If clothing becomes soiled or wet, please

change into clean clothes; your nurse will

help you with this if you need assistance

Your visitors

• Please ask your visitors to stay away

from the hospital for 48 hours if they

have been, or are feeling, unwell

• Ask your visitors to use the alcohol hand

sanitiser on arrival in your room

• Do not allow visitors to look at or touch

your wound and cannula sites

• Do not allow visitors to sit or rest on

your bed

• Ask visitors to use the designated toilet

facilities, should they require them –

they should not use your bathroom

• If your visitors work in an environment

where they have close contact with

other people or animals, such as nurses

and vets, please ask them to change out

of their uniform before visiting you


Cleaning practices are regularly

monitored and all areas audited to ensure

that high standards are maintained and

that guidelines and policies are current

and being adhered to. Please report any

areas of concern to staff.


Infection prevention and control

Hand washing

Recent illness or infection

Your environment

Patients requiring isolation precautions

Fire tests and drills

Your feedback

Getting here

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