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This information forms part of your terms

and conditions of admission, and should

be read in conjunction with the summary

printed on the reverse of the HCA Hospitals

“Admission and Registration” form.


HCA International

London has long been recognised as a

centre of medical excellence and HCA

is the largest private hospital group in

the capital, with six world-class acute

hospitals and HCA Laboratories. The

group has an international reputation for

the excellence of its services including

cardiac care, oncology, neurosurgery and

rehabilitation and assisted conception

and women’s health. Working closely

with medical teams at London’s teaching

hospitals, the group’s hospitals are known

to make use of the very latest equipment

and medical techniques and to support

research in a number of important areas

of medicine.

HCA is committed to delivering high

quality care and we measure and publish

a wide range of outcomes indicators

so that you can be confident you

have chosen the best hospital for your

treatment. For further information on our

comprehensive quality programme please

see our website

Your care

A patient is under the care and control of

his or her physician or surgeon who may

also involve other doctors in treatment if

appropriate. HCA hospital staff provide

care and treatment under the doctors’

instructions. At all times your course

of treatment will be decided by your

doctor(s) or their nominated practitioners

(e.g. physiotherapists). Hospital care does

not include “Special Nursing” requested

by a patient or doctor, for reasons other

than medical necessity. The physician or

surgeon who admits you is not usually

an employee of this company and will

normally invoice you separately for his or

her services. Your Consultant is responsible

for arranging consent for specific medical

or surgical treatment if it is required. The

consent of a guardian is required if the

patient is under 16 years of age. In the

case of a minor from overseas, an Embassy

official may accept responsibility.

The Law and your liability

For the purposes of this document

“hospital” shall mean any hospital or

facility owned by HCA. Unless otherwise

stated, the contract is between the

hospital providing the services and the

patient. The contract shall be governed

by and construed in accordance with

English Law and the English Court shall

have exclusive jurisdiction. Separate

contracts will usually exist between the

patient and the physician(s) and where

applicable between the patient and his/

her sponsor or insurer. The patient’s,

representative’s or guarantor’s signature

confirms acceptance of the terms and

conditions of admission contained in the

“Admission and Registration” form and

this booklet. Patients under the age of

18 cannot sign the financial agreement.

In this event the form must be signed

by a parent or guarantor. The patient

is liable for all personal expenses and

any charges not settled by an insurer or

sponsor. If there are delays in settlement,

there may be penalties, for example the

charging of interest or the revoking of

discounts, for which the patient will be

liable. If you do have any questions please

call our hospital Patient Administration

Department. Any private medical

insurance or sponsorship arrangement

will be between you and your insurer

or sponsor.

Admission/Registration requirements

The content of this booklet forms part of

the terms and conditions of admission,

a summary of which is printed on the

reverse of the HCA “Admission and

Registration” form, and should be read in

conjunction with it. We ask you to sign

the form prior to treatment at any HCA

hospital. Signing the form confirms that

you undertake ultimate responsibility for

the hospital charges, whether you are



HCA Hospital information

Payment and insurance