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• Consultant fees

• Prosthesis

If in doubt please ask a member of the

Patient Administration Department


Please read the details of your particular

agreement. Ensure you understand what’s

not included in the package price. If there

are any unexpected complications, the

hospital management reserves the right to

re-bill on an item of service basis. Accounts

not settled on departure may not qualify for

discount and will be rendered in full. Your

agreement may involve separate charges,

as these items are individual to each

patient and are specified by your doctor.

Any charges not included in the package

price will attract additional costs that you

will be required to settle. We do not want

you to have any unpleasant surprises in

relation to the account.

Outpatient services

Payment for outpatient services must be

made in full on the day of treatment,

except where a direct settlement

agreement exists with a UK third party/

insurers. If payment is delayed or refused

in whole or part, we will invoice patients

for immediate settlement.


Please refer to all prior listed information.

Occasions when a patient may be refused


HCA regrets that patients arriving

for treatment will not be admitted

or registered if they arrive without

satisfactory insurance or sponsorship

documentation or any acceptable method

of prepayment. On such an occasion,

Admission and Registration staff will

contact the Admitting Consultant to

discuss the situation.


We ask for deposits at admission for

patients who:

• Are self-funding

• Do not have cover with a recognised

insurance company

• Have not had their cover confirmed by

their insurer

• Do not have suitable guarantor or

sponsor documentation

We try, wherever timing and available

information permits, to inform patients

in advance and in writing of payment

required on registration/admission.


We normally bill outpatients on the day

of service, unless they are undergoing

regular recurring treatment, in which case

accounts may be billed weekly or monthly.

Short stay inpatients are normally billed

for treatment at or soon after discharge,

although there may be some delayed

charges. Longer stay patients may be billed

at intervals during their stay. Unless the

patient holds full medical insurance cover

or sponsorship with an approved body or

guarantor, a deposit will be required at

admission and thereafter the hospital may

require further payments on account. All

patients should visit the cashier before

leaving the hospital to ensure that all

administration is complete.

Making payments

Payment may be made by:

Debit or credit card

We accept most major credit or

debit cards. We normally require the

completion of a credit card mandate

before admission to cover any additional

or personal expenses. The card will be

debited for outstanding charges either on

day of treatment or shortly after the day

of discharge. The hospital will provide an

invoice for all charges made against the

card together with the credit card voucher.


Payment by cheque must be made at

least 10 working days prior to admission

to allow funds to clear. Cheques can be

accepted for smaller amounts billed, such

as personal expenses, if they are drawn

on a UK bank and supported by a valid

guarantee card.


Cash needs to be in POUNDS STERLING.

We recommend you visit a bank or

exchange to convert any foreign monies

prior to admission.

Bank transfer

Banks can usually generate same day

transfers by fax from current accounts on

instruction from the account signatory.

Please make sure the details include

the patient’s full name and HCA Patient

Account Number, if you have one.

Payment should be made payable to our

bank. Please request a transmission report

from your bank and bring it with you.