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Barclays Bank plc

St Johns Wood and Swiss Cottage Branch

PO Box 2764

London NW3 6JD

Sort Code: 20-74-63

Account number: 80933279

International Swift Code number:


Payment refunds

Please note that if deposit funds are

due back to you following completion

of treatment or your discharge from an

HCA facility, HCA operates a strict refund

policy as follows:

All refunds must be paid in the same manner

as the original payment was received unless

where paid in cash and a cheque will be

issued. If deposit funds are paid via a bank

transfer, a letter of proof must be provided

at time of admission clearly stipulating the

following details as confirmation of where

payment originated from:


Bank Swift Code

IBAN Number

All payments via bank transfer should be

made to the same bank account that the

original payment was received.

Refunds will only be processed when

all charges have been finalised.


note cash can not be refunded on site.

Arrangements can be made via our Patient

Administration Department’


Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA98)

sets the rules for the processing of personal

information and applies to both manual

and computer records. HCA provides

information in this booklet and displays a

Data Protection Notice in many areas of

our hospitals and diagnostic centres. Your

signature on the Admission/Registration Form

confirms you have read and understood this

material and that you consent to information,

including medical details, about you being

processed for the purposes of:

• Your treatment as a private patient.

This includes providing information

about your care to your GP at the end of

your treatment, unless you specifically

indicate you do not wish this to happen.

• The settlement of expenses related to

your treatment e.g. the information

required by your insurance company in

order to settle your account with us.

• Clinical audit by HCA to ensure

we maintain our high standards of

patient care.

• Clinical audit within national

programmes which monitor health

and healthcare provision across the

United Kingdom.

Wherever possible, we anonymise

your data.

Your rights

The Act means that you have a right to

access information held about you either

on computer or in manual records. To

obtain a copy of the personal data held

under the terms of the Act, you will need

to apply in writing to the hospital Data

Controller. Please be aware that a fee

will be charged for this service. The Data

Controller for each hospital is the Chief

Executive Officer and the nominated

Deputy is the Chief Nursing Officer. The

Data Controller for each hospital is the

Chief Executive Officer and the nominated

Deputy is the Chief Nursing Officer.


Your consent is required to process your

data, or that of a child for whom you have

parental responsibility. If you are too ill

to give your consent, information may

need to be shared without your consent in

order to treat you. HCA will make every

effort to obtain consent from a next of kin

or whoever may act in your best interests,

taking into account your previously

expressed wishes.


The confidentiality of patient information

is of paramount concern to HCA. HCA

fully complies with data protection

legislation and medical confidentiality

guidelines. We will share information

about the progress of your treatment

with your nominated contact unless

specifically instructed otherwise. We

share information on a need to know basis

and strict guidelines are in place to ensure

the information remains secure.

Data Protection Act 1998

We are committed to meeting the provision

of the Data Protection Act 1998. Everyone

working in HCA hospitals has a legal duty

to keep information about you confidential.

In summary, this means that:

• We will ask for information about

you so that you can receive proper care

and treatment.

• We keep this information securely with

details of your care because it may be

needed when we see you again.

• We will provide standard discharge

information to your GP to support

your care at a later date unless you

specifically ask us not to. Please ensure

any such request is in writing.


HCA Hospital information

Payment and insurance