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• HCA supports audit projects including

national disease databases intended to

evaluate the health of the nation and the

quality of related care.

• HCA supports ethically approved

research projects which measure the

long-term effectiveness of treatment.

There will be a specific consent form for

contribution to any research projects.

• You may be receiving care from other

people as well as employees of HCA

hospitals. So that we can all work

together for your benefit, we may need

to share some information about you

with those people. Such people or

organisations may wish to send your

information to companies/individuals

outside the European Economic Area to

support subsequent care.

• We may also share information with

third parties who are responsible for

your treatment expenses, for example

your insurance company.

• Whenever we can, we shall remove

details that identify you

• We will provide the minimum

information needed to achieve the

stated goal.

• We will use some of this information for

other reasons, e.g.

- to plan for the future,

- to see that the hospital runs legally

and effectively and can account for

its actions,

- to make sure we can pay the staff who

look after you and for the facilities

needed for your care.

• Sometimes the law requires us to pass

on information, for example to notify

a birth.

• The sharing of some types of very

sensitive personal information is strictly

controlled by law.

• You have a right of access to your health

records under the Access to Health

Records Act as well as DPA98.

• For more information, you may like to

consult the Information Commissioner’s


Access to Non-Medical Information

Access to non-medical information

may be granted to others by HCA or

your insurer (if applicable) on a strictly

confidential basis in the course of and for

the purpose of efficient administration, for

example audit, financial management and

credit control and managing or improving

our services. This access may be given to

any person or organisation involved in

billing, processing, payment or collection

of accounts or the provision of credit

referencing. In some instances we are

obliged by law to disclose information

for example where it will assist in

investigations into fraud, or notification

of births and deaths.

Sensitive Information

Some pieces of information, for example

religious beliefs and mental health, are

termed “sensitive data” under the Data

Protection Act 1998. In general we do

not record “sensitive data” unless it is

directly relevant to your condition and

its treatment. In such cases, we will ask

your permission to hold this information.

If we have to share this information with

non-HCA health professionals to enable

your care, we will ask your permission

before disclosing this information to any

other individual.

CCTV, Video and Telephone Call


HCA uses CCTV at some sites for security

purposes only and areas monitored by

CCTV are signposted. If photographs are

taken during your admission, operation or

treatment, a separate consent form will be

given to you for your signature. Your call

to service departments within our facilities

may be recorded for training purposes.

Retention, Storage and Destruction

of Information

Information about you is stored in a

confidential manner whether it is in

manual or computerised form and it will

be kept for the specific retention periods

outlined by the relevant professional

bodies. Destruction of data, either manual

or digital is undertaken using documented

procedures with an audit trail of activity

and destruction.

Identifying You as an Individual

It is of vital importance that all patients

are properly identified as individuals. This

allows us to collate your various visits and

treatment in the same discrete medical

record. We have many patients with

similar names.

In order to be absolutely sure that you have

been correctly identified we ask for at least

three pieces of information about you.

Suitable items include:

• Full name

• Date of birth

• NHS number

• National Insurance number

• Passport number