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• Permanent (home, not a

temporary) Address

• Phone numbers

Please note that if you choose to use a

pseudonym or fail to supply accurate

identifying information, when visiting our

hospitals, HCA cannot be responsible

for ensuring the continuity of your

health record across visits to HCA sites.

Consequences include the need for

additional tests to ensure your treatment

is correct. Consequences include the

need for additional tests to ensure your

treatment is correct.

Names and Addresses

HCA does not give the names

and addresses of patients to other

organisations except under the

circumstances described in this booklet.

HCA itself will not contact you after your

visit for purposes other than:

• follow up of care,

• collecting your views about your stay

with us

• settlement of your account unless you

have signed an additional consent.

The use of information by your insurer

or sponsor

Information provided to your insurer in

order to settle your account will become

part of the data held by them (and

other companies in the same group) in

accordance with the provisions of the

Data Protection Act 1998. Your insurer

may arrange for processing of your data

outside the European Economic Area.

If you have any concerns about this or

about any third party your insurer may

share your data with, please contact your

insurer. If an insurer or other organisation

has indicated that they will meet your

expenses, they may choose to use non-

medical information to send you details

of products or services. If you do not wish

to receive such information, please write

directly to the insurer or other organisation.

Disclosure to your family and friends

We will normally share information

about the progress of your treatment

with the person you name as your

nominated contact unless specifically

instructed otherwise. Please make sure

any specific wishes you have in relation

to disclosure are documented during

admission. We make best efforts to

ensure that information provided over the

telephone is restricted to those you list on

your admission as nominated contacts.

Sometimes this means refusing to disclose

information about you to someone

who feels they should know about your

treatment and progress. Please make your

family and friends aware of this.

Disclosure and settlement of

your account

Medical information will be kept

confidential. It will be disclosed only to

those involved in your treatment or care,

to their agents and if applicable, to any

person or organisation or their agents

who may be responsible for meeting your

treatment expenses.

Such people or organisations may wish

to send details of your expenses to

companies outside the European

Economic Area (EEA) for processing.

If you have any queries about this, please

contact your insurer or sponsor. We will

also need to share your demographic

and account information with a third

party who has taken responsibility for

payment of your bill. In the event that

a bill is unpaid, then we may need to

share data with other professionals such

as solicitors, collection agents, or credit

referencing agencies.

If you reside outside of the EU

If your permanent address is outside

the EU, or your treatment is continuing

outside the EU, we may send details

of your treatment to individuals based

outside the EU specifically to promote

your ongoing care. This would normally

be the doctor who referred you to us for

treatment. If you wish, we can give you

the documents so that you have physical

control over this information.

Emailing HCA, Information for Patients

and Carers

At HCA we are aware you may wish to

communicate with us by email. While

there are benefits there are also risks

which mean there may be limitations on

using email. Please read the following

before using email.

Why use emails?

• They can be quick and convenient, and

less intrusive than a phone call.

• You can keep a record of the email

(unlike a phone call).

• There is better security tracking and

reliability compared to telephone calls

and traditional mail.


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