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What are the disadvantages?

Information stored on our computer

systems is protected by a range of security

methods. Information sent outside our

system by email is much less secure.

• If you share your computer others may

read it.

• It may be possible to intercept your email

when it is being sent over the internet.

• If a staff member is away it may be

several weeks before you receive a reply

to your email.

When to use email?

• You can use it to contact staff to make a

query or ask about an appointment.

• If you have an urgent question or feel

unwell after going home after treatment,

please do NOT email.

What safeguards are in place?

• Send an email to the department you

would like a reply from. Replying to

your email reduces the chance of our

sending your information to the wrong

email address.

• Do not give more personal information

than we need to process your request in

case it is intercepted.

• Do not ask us to send you medical

details that you would not want seen

by other people.

• We may ask you to sign a consent form

agreeing to receive information by email

if the information requested includes

confidential health information.

Confidentiality for other patients

and visitors

We ask that you consider the privacy of

other patients and visitors at our sites.

HCA hospitals regularly treat people with

a high media profile and their families.

They almost always want that treatment

to be a private matter, and we ask you to

support their wishes by not commenting

on fellow patients to family or friends.


The hospital does not accept responsibility

for the loss of any cash or valuables

belonging to patients or visitors. Patients

are advised not to bring valuables into

hospital. Where this is unavoidable,

patients should ensure that the valuables

are fully insured. The hospital will accept

no liability whatsoever for any loss or

damage to valuables, cash or personal

effects which the patient or any other

persons bring into the hospital, whether as

a result of negligence or otherwise.

Code of conduct

HCA is committed to providing high

quality, cost-effective healthcare and its

employees act with absolute integrity.

To further endorse this behaviour, HCA

has produced a Code of Conduct which

provides guidance to all employees and

helps them to carry out their work within

appropriate legal and ethical standards.

To review the Code of Conduct, visit the

HCA website at