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To make your admission process as

smooth and stress-free as possible, we ask

you to complete an online pre-assessment

questionnaire before coming into hospital.

If you prefer, you can also do this by

telephone or face-to-face, where we will

ask you about your previous medical

history, medication and anything else that

may affect your stay with us. This allows

us to identify and address any potential

issues before you come into hospital.

If you have been pre-assessed by

one of our clinical nurse specialists,

you are not required to complete an

online assessment.


You can complete the questionnaire

online at

When doing so, you can specify if you

would like one of the team to call you.

If you would prefer to make an

appointment to come in and complete

your pre-assessment or, if you need more

information you can do so by emailing:

[email protected]

If you wish to speak to a pre-assessment

nurse please call

020 7234 2078

Pre-assessment tests

All patients must undergo MRSA screening

– this is painless, involves having swabs

taken and should take no longer than

5 minutes. All patients must be screened

no more than 25 days before admission,

but no fewer than 3 days, to ensure we

have results prior to admission.

Patients who have been an inpatient in

another hospital or who live abroad will

be asked to undergo CRO screening. This

involves an additional swab being taken.


You will be sent a letter from the

hospital stating what time you need to

arrive for admission. If you have any

queries about your admission date or

time, please contact your



or the

Business Office helpline


020 7234 2996

and select

option 4




Online registration

Insurance and funding arrangements