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To ensure your prompt admission

to the ward, please complete the online

registration form at

Your login when prompted is


Insurance and funding


Insured patients

It is your responsibility to ensure your

cover is adequate to pay for treatment. It is

imperative that you contact your insurance

company prior to treatment in order to

verify that the condition to be treated is

covered under the terms of your policy.

The hospital will process insurance claims

directly with approved insurers on your

behalf, if you have provided claim details.

If cover is not confirmed full payment will

be requested on admission.


If you need to contact us regarding

your insurance please email us at

[email protected]

Self-funding patients

If you have elected to pay for your treatment,

it is imperative that you obtain a definitive

cost from the Self Pay Department at London

Bridge Hospital.


If you need to contact us regarding

the cost of your treatment, please email

us at

[email protected]

Third-party sponsors

If you accept a self-funding price, the

final invoice will be presented as a

one-line invoice following your discharge.

If you intend to claim back from a

third-party sponsor, it is likely that they

will require an itemised invoice. Please

contact the Self-Pay Team, who will

provide a cost estimate.

Full payment must be made prior to

admission by one of the following methods:

• Debit/credit card (please call

020 7234 2996

and select

option 2


• Online at

(see the ‘Patient information’ section)

• Cash payment (must be pounds sterling)

• Cheque payment (must be received

at least 10 days prior to admission)

• Bankers draft (payable on or

before admission)

• Bank transfer payment should be

made to:

Barclays Bank plc

St John’s Wood and

Swiss Cottage Branch

PO Box 2764

London NW3 6JD

Sort Code 20-74-63

Account Number 80933279

International Swift Code BARCGB22

Please request a transmission report from

your bank and bring it with you. If this

is not provided then it could delay your

refund, should money need to be returned.

In the event that you are due a refund,

this can only be processed following

discharge. HCA operates a strict refund

policy. All refunds must be paid in the

same manner as the original payment was

received, unless this was paid in cash,

in which case a cheque will be issued.

Please note that cash cannot be refunded

on site.

Please note that all professional fees are

excluded from prices issued by the hospital.

Credit/debit card details

Please bring your credit/debit card details

as you will be required to complete a

credit card mandate to cover any extra

costs, such as telephone calls, guest

meals, take-home medication and

mobility aids.