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Staff Stories
Staff Stories

Staff Stories

Sue Butson

Sue Butson has worked within the GP Liaison Department since 2007 and highly deserves to be recognised for the excellent service she provides to patients contacting the GP Liaison Department to book consultations. Often patients are worried or concerned about being referred to a hospital and Sue always puts them at ease, listens to their concerns and spends time in assisting them in every way she can.

Sue shows a huge amount of empathy and kindness to both patients and her colleagues and she always goes the extra mile to help; something which patients and GPs often provide wonderful feedback on. Sue is a real asset to our team and her hard work and dedication should be highlighted. Thank you Sue!

Testimonial from Amy Drewery, Acting GP Liaison Manager

Kirsty Diss

Kirsty, a Senior Clinical Physiologist is bringing the Cardiology department ahead in terms of patient service and care. Kirsty specialised in cardiac devices (accredited with the IBHRE), and has taken the lead for home monitoring. This is a service above and beyond a normal clinical appointment, as Kirsty remotely checks each morning to see if any of our patients pacemakers/ICD’s or reveal devices have detected any arrhythmias or alerts. She then contacts the relevant patients for further investigation, and where relevant refers her findings on to the responsible Consultants for further assessment.

Kirsty’s knowledgeable and same-day response to patient queries provides both reassurance and world-class patient care. She receives frequent praise and has developed a great rapport with many patients.

Testimonial from Anita McDonald, Cardiology and Respiratory Manager

Tracey Kelly

Tracey started as a staff nurse on the Cardiac ward; she is a very dedicated and hardworking staff nurse. She gets excellent feedback from patients and colleagues. She has helped the department to improve the number of monthly responses of patient feedback questionnaires by ensuring that every patient completes the feedback form prior to discharge.

Tracey is very motivated to developing her skills and knowledge as a cardiac nurse and is about to start a cardiac course.

Testimonial from Chantal Bauducel, Ward Manager

Damian Reus-Polar

Damian is a very enthusiastic, pro-active, competent staff nurse. He played a key role in setting up the south side of the ward after the refurbishment of an additional three new rooms, in order to ensure that we have an efficient and organised environment. He is fully engaged with his work, gives 100 per cent and brings new ideas to the workplace.

Damian is liked by everyone who comes in contact with him and has an inspiring personality; recently he has shared some inspiring quotes which he shared with the team and displayed in office.

Testimonial from Chantal Bauducel, Ward Manager

Dietetics Department

The Dietetics team are dedicated and hardworking individuals that pride themselves on putting patient care above all else. They are a dynamic and responsive team and are continually seeking ways to improve their patients experiencewhile at London Bridge Hospital.

Testimonial from Evelyn Toner, Acting Dietetic Manager

Physiotherapy Department Receptionists

The receptionists at the London Bridge Hospital Physiotherapy Department are an exceptional team! Having been a member of staff and patient in numerous other hospitals and clinics, I can safely say that this team are the most outstanding I have ever come across. They genuinely care about making a difference to our patients, and they go the extra mile to provide a world class service. They always greet the patients with a smile and a welcoming manner, and aim to make their experience here as comfortable as possible. A big thank you to them!

Testimonial from Anna Williamson, Outpatient Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

Kitchen Department

I am very proud of my team and any job is never too small for them. At short notice they are always prepared to drop their home commitments and work long days and i have to say a great big thank you for them. They have been working extremely hard and always continue to uphold the expected high standards.

Testimonial from Lee Szukalski, Head Chef