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Consultant Allergy

Clinic Opens its Doors

The growing demand for the treatment

of allergies has long outstripped the

capacity of the very few specialist Allergy

Clinics in the UK.

“Most allergic reactions occur

as a result of environmental and

individual genetic reasons, but

our research has shown that

we can now effectively treat

the vast majority of conditions,”

said Dr Dugué.

Whilst the incidence of asthma has

now reached a plateau, there is a steady

increase in the incidence of allergic

reactions in adults as well as children.

Desensitisation is an increasing area of our

work. Essentially, this is a vaccination with

varying concentrations of allergen, once

that allergen has been identified.

We use either sub-cutaneous

immunotherapy by repeated injections

or sub-lingual immunotherapy with daily

drops under the tongue.

The second main area of the clinic’s work

is a new procedure for the diagnosis

and treatment of drug (medicine)

hypersensitivity. Drug challenge is the

‘gold standard’ of diagnosing drug allergic

For further information about the new Allergy Clinic,

please call

020 7234 2163

hypersensitivity when conventional

allergy tests are negative or not available.

Patients undergo this diagnosis as a

day procedure and the drug challenge

involves a cautious and graded

re-introduction of the suspected drug

under strict medical control.This begins

with the ingestion of a tiny dose, followed

by incremental increases of dosage up

to the normal therapeutic dose.The

challenge is stopped if an allergic reaction

occurs and the patient is immediately

treated. However, because of the low

doses administered, any reactions are

almost always very mild.

“We have achieved remarkable success

in helping patients with this technique,

allowing many of them to resume and

benefit from treatment otherwise

excluded.We have also been able to

identify people who have been wrongly

suspected of having intolerances to

drugs such as penicillin, from their

childhood,” said Dr Dugué.

A new Consultant-led Allergy Clinic has opened at London Bridge Hospital. The clinic

is treating patients with airborne, food, medicine (drug) and wasp allergies.

Allergy Clinic

Allergy Clinic


The Allergy Clinic is led by one of Europe’s most distinguished Consultants, Dr Pierre Dugué,

who trained and practised for many years in Paris and on the Côte d’Azur.

Dr Pierre Dugué

MD A. Practicen Hospitalier Chef de Service ACC-AH AIH

Consultant in Allergy and Asthma