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London Bridge Hospital

Adopts e-Qit for Cleanliness

As part of a drive to raise hospital

hygiene standards even higher, HCA

partnered the development of a new

state-of-the-art computerised system

called e-Qit, which will dramatically

change the way that cleanliness

inspections and follow-up actions are

carried out in hospitals.

The e-Qit system enables us to audit

the cleanliness of every part of our

hospitals, both on a regular and on a

spot-check basis, and to identify where

immediate and longer term action needs

to be taken.The e-Qit system uses

special hand-held computers loaded with

the floor plan of our hospitals and its

software details every area of potential

risk.The machines are also equipped

with a camera which can record areas

in need of attention. Once the data

collected is downloaded, a report is

generated automatically and managers

are given the responsibility for fixing any

problem that may have been identified

within a set timeframe.

HCA is the first hospital group to

achieve the five-star cleanliness rating,

the highest level of cleanliness a hospital

can achieve.

Michael Neeb, CEO, HCA International

said,“We are very proud to be the first

hospital group to achieve the five-star

cleanliness rating, but it doesn’t end

there. Each and every day, our team is

committed to improving the quality

of patient care in a safe and clean


“It is an important and objective rating

that the independent public can look to

to ensure that the facility they choose is

a clean and safe environment for their


“The entire team is committed to

providing the highest quality patient care

available, plus the benefits you get from

the private hospital setting, of being

treated by your Consultant in a safe and

clean hospital environment.”

Two years ago, HCA launched an initiative with Infection Control Services Ltd, a

company formed by six Consultant Microbiologists from University College London