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London Bridge Updates


London Bridge



Refurbishments Continue

at London Bridge Hospital

Refurbishment works continue across

London Bridge Hospital with theatre

building works well underway – the

stakeholders have all had input in the

design/layout and chosen the medical

equipment.We are currently choosing

the colour scheme and finishes. Building

works are nearing completion, with

new equipment soon to be installed.

The completion of these works will

be followed by commissioning and

Healthcare Commission approval, and

the theatres are scheduled to open in July.

Furthermore, the new dialysis unit has

recently been completed and is now up

and running in St Olaf House.

The planned move from the 2nd floor

main hospital will commence now that

London Bridge Hospital is pleased to

introduce the addition of a Rheumatology

Centre to its services.

It is becoming increasingly evident

that incisive diagnosis leading to early

treatment is vital.Whether it be the

management of acute shoulder pain,

back pain, knee problems or more

general problems, such as stiffness or

widespread aches and pains, referral to

the appropriate specialist is critical.

Current treatment options for the patient

with aches and pains can involve a GP

visit, referral to a hospital or, in some

cases, an operation or X-ray. However,

these solutions can take up valuable time.

dialysis has moved into its new unit.The

builders will begin work in the vacated

unit to turn that space into inpatient beds.

In addition to the new dialysis unit in St

Olaf House, Audrey Kerr, Angiography

Manager, now has a new administration

office and a fully compliant recovery bay

for the cath lab.

The new ICU, to be built out into the

atrium, is waiting on listed building

consent.This takes between 10 and 12

weeks, and work will commence once

the hospital receives approval. ICU will be

located on 3rd floor north, while further

work will take place in the atrium to

expand inpatient bedroom capacity on

the 4th and 5th floors.

The London Rheumatology Centre, led

by our team of dedicated Consultant

Rheumatologists, offers full medical

examinations and appropriate investigations.

Where appropriate, treatment in

the Rheumatology, Orthopaedic or

Physiotherapy Departments can also be


At London Bridge Hospital and our

satellite centre, 31 Old Broad Street,

we have over 20 orthopaedic surgeons,

sports medicine specialists, osteoporosis

consultants, physiotherapists and

full acute medicine services at our

disposal. On site, we have a range of

comprehensive X-ray, MRI, DEXA and

other diagnostic facilities available.

A Consultant Rheumatology

Opinion Within 48 Hours

The London Rheumatology Centre

To avoid delay, we can offer an initial appointment within 48 hours

in most cases. To make an appointment, please call

020 7234 2060


For further information, please visit

or email

[email protected]

For those patients requiring insurance cover, a GP referral letter is advised.