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Dear everyone,

I am delighted to introduce this new edition of Health

Matters and to update you on the new services and

staff available for the care of your patients.

London Bridge Hospital has, for the first time, brought

a number of procedures to the private sector. Our

cardiac specialists have undertaken eight Transcatheter

AorticValve Implantations (TAVI) to date, inserting

valves to patients who were previously considered

to be inoperable. I am delighted to say that these

procedures have gone extremely well.We have also

undertaken our first case of left atrial appendage

closure using theWATCHMAN


Closure Device for

prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation.

This is a new technology that has recently been

developed and used as an alternative to long-term

Warfarin therapy. Finally, one of our ENT specialists,

Mr David Bowdler, has successfully carried out the

first procedure in this country to surgically implant

a completely invisible middle ear implant (Esteem

Hearing Implant) developed specifically for patients

with sensorineural deafness. I am pleased to report

that since the first case, two more have successfully

been implanted and a few more have already been


I am delighted to say that we continue to open

new units and purchase new equipment. We have

funding to build a state-of-the-art Critical Care Unit

into the atrium of the main hospital. This will be

a 14-bedded unit and with it will come a further

10 inpatient beds.We will be opening a hybrid

angiography laboratory later in the year, which will

mean upgrading the laboratory environment to

enhance the clinical surroundings and facilities in

one of the angiography laboratories.We will also

be opening our first two integrated operating

theatres at the end of June. In addition to these,

we have a new dialysis unit and we will be opening,

very close to the hospital, a ‘Back2Normal’

physiotherapy service for our spinal patients.This

will be a holistic Spinal Therapy Unit supported by

our spinal physicians and surgeons and managed by

our own Physiotherapy Manager, Katie Lovegrove.

I am also delighted to say that there have been

many developments in cancer care. HCA

International, our parent company in London,

operates a cancer care network from our six sites.

Essentially, our cancer patients have access to the

best equipped service in Europe and we are the

only private operator in the country who can deal

with patients of all ages.Through our sister hospital,

The Harley Street Clinic, our patients will be able to

access the latest developments in IMRC, CyberKnife

and Gamma Knife RadiationTherapy.

It would not be right to mention all of these things

without celebrating our staff. We continue to hire

more Clinical Nurse Specialists. Every time we add

a nurse specialist to our service, the investment pays

dividends and services improve. They act as great

coordinators between departments, clinicians and

patients, providing continuity of care long after the

patient has been discharged from the hospital, as

well as helping them before they are even admitted.

We continue to hire more Cardiac Physiologists and

effectively have become a training ground for newly

qualified Physiologists who, by the time they leave us,

are employable anywhere in the world. We have a

department of 17, all of them at different stages of

development, and we fully accept they will move on

to work in specialist roles for the equipment

companies and elsewhere around the globe. Every

time one leaves, they are replaced by another

candidate eager to build on their career. These

developments are reflected in all other areas of the

hospital. For instance, our Clinical Perfusion Scientists

are developing point of care testing facilities and

coagulation profiling for all specialties, where previously

this profession tended to focus solely on cardiac and

liver work.

Our doctors are also teaming up to market the

subspecialties that they excel in, with the same

profile that they offer in their NHS teaching sites.

For instance, in Oncology, we will be presenting

a complete multispecialty team of medical and

clinical Oncologists who work with their differing

multidisciplinary colleagues in Surgery, Radiology

and Pathology as well as their supporting nurse

specialists. Service line development in every area

is paying off many times over.

Finally, a huge thank you to you for your support

and trust in the hospital; we appreciate that you

have entrusted the care of your patients to us and

we continue to work hard to merit that trust.

I wish you a very long

and enjoyable summer.

With kind regards and

best wishes,

John Reay

Chief Executive Officer

To our referring doctors, and all

stakeholders at London Bridge Hospital