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Breast Reconstruction

The Plastic Surgeons of the London Breast

Reconstruction Associates are a dedicated

team of Consultants specialised in breast

restoration. Alongside their consultancy

at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation

Trust, they offer the most advanced breast

reconstruction techniques at London

Bridge Hospital.These include implant-

based reconstruction and microvacular

autolologous reconstruction from the

abdomen, the buttocks or the inner thigh.

All five Consultants are actively involved

in the development of new techniques

in breast reconstruction, and strong links

with King’s College have been established.

The team has worked closely together for

a number of years and are well-established

within the multidisciplinary team. In order

to provide the highest standard of care to

patients, all microvascular procedures are

performed by two Consultants. One of

the Consultants is available to patients 7

days a week.

Patients will experience clinical care that

goes beyond their expectations. From

initial consultation to full recovery, the

dedicated team at London Bridge Hospital

provides support at every stage.

Every woman facing breast cancer has a right

to breast reconstruction.

In January 2009, a Lymphoedema Service was established at London Bridge Hospital to augment

the existing Breast Care Service.



Lymphoedema Services

at London Bridge Hospital

The service offers support to all patients who develop secondary

lymphoedema due to any cancer-related treatment, and

appointments are available from early morning to late evening

to provide flexibility for patients. Referrals can be made by

Consultant Breast Surgeons, Oncologists, Breast Care CNS,Ward

Nurses or Physiotherapists.

London Bridge Hospital is the only hospital to provide a

dedicated Lymphoedema Nurse.

Some insurance companies will pay for lymphoedema

management, however, there is a package available when

treatment is self-funded.

The nurse will initially see a patient during a Consultant

appointment. Subsequent visits will coincide with either surgical

or chemotherapy admissions.

By providing education and advice to patients from an early

stage, the nurse aims to increase awareness of the condition

and the management options available. For patients with

existing lymphoedema, the nurse aims to reassure them that the

condition can be controlled and that use of the affected limb will

be regained.

Due to the service growing rapidly, there are plans to increase

the number of staff trained in lymphoedema management, thus

improving availability for patient consultations.

Breast Reconstruction


The service provides:

• Post operative assessment and education for all patients who

have had breast-related surgery and removal of lymph nodes.

• Advice on skincare.

• Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for uncomplicated

lymphoedema of both arms and legs.

• Initial hosiery fitting and six-monthly reviews.

• Education and support for patients and relatives who are

predisposed to develop lymphoedema.

• Bandaging or MLD for palliative conditions.

• Flight and travel information.

Mr Jian Farhadi


Consultant Plastic Surgeon