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Spotlight on...

Spotlight on...


What area do you specialise in?

I offer a complete upper limb service,

covering everything from the fingers to

the collarbone, namely hand, wrist, elbow

and shoulder. I treat pains and injuries

affecting the skin, bone, tendons, nerves

and muscles including fractures and


What is the most common

injury you see?

It depends on the time of year. Skiing

brings one range of injuries, mountain-

biking brings a different selection. It’s

currently exam season, so I’m seeing a few

overuse syndromes from revision note-

making.As the summer starts, there are

usually tendon problems as people tackle

gardening. Sometimes surgery is needed

straight away, but there is often a way to

manage patients non-surgically over the

holiday period and delay operation to a

less family-critical time of year.

What do you enjoy most about

your work?

I actually enjoy all of it. I like meeting

patients and hearing their stories. I like

the detective part of refining the diagnosis,

using clinical skills and sophisticated

imaging methods. I enjoy the technical

Mr Owen-Johnstone has been

based at Sevenoaks Medical Centre

for two years, and London Bridge

Hospital for ten years. He is the

Orthopaedic Lead on the Medical

Advisory Committee for the

hospital and gives regular talks and

seminars on upper limb disorders.

Spotlight on...

Mr Simon


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

To book an appointment with us, please contact our GP Liaison Department on:


01732 775 800

or Email:

[email protected]