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Imaging Service

Sevenoaks Medical Centre

Imaging Service


MRI Scanning

We use an advanced 3T MRI Scanner

which allows for more detailed imaging due

to its clarity. This particular scanner allows

us to provide prostate spectroscopy as part

of a prostate assessment service, as well as

allowing excellent imaging for diagnosing

orthopaedic disorders, including articular

surface mapping.

It also enables us to obtain significantly

improved brain images.

ComputedTomography (CT)

We offer a full comprehensive range of CT

scanning options. CT can be used to assess

the effectiveness of treatment and to guide

or plan clinical intervention. The majority of

CT scans are currently performed to obtain

anatomical information on a wide range of

organs and tissues, but there is an increasing

number of functional and interventional

applications. Here at Sevenoaks Medical

Centre, we provide the following:

• Neurology

– intracranial examinations,

examination of sinus and ear canals, spinal


• Oncology

– diagnosis, staging follow-up

and radiotherapy treatment planning.

• Cardiology

– including coronary

angiography and calcium scoring.

Imaging Service

Our expert radiologists cover a range of specialties, and we are

proud to be able to offer same-day imaging. Once an examination

has taken place, it will be reported upon within 24-48 hours.

Rapid access to imaging and results can be particularly useful

for Consultants working within the One-Stop Breast Clinic and

Orthopaedic Service, with results often also available on the day.

At Sevenoaks Medical Centre, we have a wide range of state-of-

the-art imaging services available, which include: