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Imaging Service THIRTEEN

To book an appointment with us, please contact our GP Liaison Department on:


01732 775 800

or Email:

[email protected]

• Angiography

– whole body including

venous, brain, carotid, thorax and

peripheral run-off.


– evaluation of acute chest

pain or dyspnoea, pulmonary angiogram

(CTPA) and diffuse lung disease.

•Virtual Colonography

• Orthopaedics

– including surgical


Sevenoaks Medical Centre has one of the

most technologically advanced CT scanners

available today – our 4D, high definition

scanner allows us to produce highly precise,

rapid scanning capabilities. The radiation

exposure time is greatly reduced and

patient dose is kept to a minimum.

Our team of leading radiologists and

radiographers specialise in CT imaging,

ensuring that all examinations are expertly

conducted and interpreted in compliance

with the highest standards. We provide

a rapid report turnaround, with all scans

reported in 24-48 hours.


Ultrasound imaging is a common diagnostic

medical procedure that uses high-frequency

sound waves to produce images of organs,

tissues or blood flow inside the body.

Ultrasound can be carried out on almost any

part of the body and can be used for a variety

of purposes including:

• Imaging of the breast to guide biopsy

during assessment for breast cancer.

• Diagnosis of cardiac conditions, as well

as assessment of damage resulting from

a heart attack or other similar illnesses.

• Guidance for procedures such as needle


Other imaging services include:

• Mammography

• X-ray

Imaging Service