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One-Stop Breast Clinic FIVE


During this procedure two images are

taken of each breast by compressing the

tissue between two plates. The Consultant

Radiologist will then check the images and

may recommend some additional views or

complementary ultrasound to ensure the

optimal assessment is achieved.

Ultrasound Scanning

This is an imaging technique using sound

waves. The Consultant Radiologist applies

gel to the breast and moves a probe over

the breast to examine the breast tissue.

The Consultant may then decide to take

a sample of tissue using the ultrasound to

locate the exact area. Samples can be taken

by fine needle aspiration or a core biopsy.

Fine Needle Aspiration

Using a fine needle and syringe, cells

are collected from the breast tissue. The

procedure can be uncomfortable but only

lasts a few minutes. This specimen is often

looked at immediately by the Consultant

Cytologist on site and the results are

usually available within the hour.

Core Biopsy

This procedure takes a tiny piece of tissue

from the breast, under local anaesthetic.

More than one sample may be required

to ensure an adequate amount of tissue

is taken.

The procedure takes a minimum of

15-20 minutes and patients will receive

preliminary results on the day. Complete

results and lab analyses will be available

within 24-48 hours.

If your patient needs any of these tests,

they will be accompanied at all times by

a member of our nursing team.

Specialist Breast Care Nurse

A Specialist Breast Care Nurse is available

during the clinics to help explain the

procedures and to provide any additional


Our One-Stop Breast Clinic also

provides the following benefits:

• Clinical Nurse Specialists

• Counselling rooms

• Dietitian

• Genetic counselling cancer service

• Micro bubble treatment

• Physiotherapy

• Psychosexual counselling

Psychology support with a Consultant


• Survival wellness support programme

•Wellbeing package.

If you have any questions or need

further information, please do not

hesitate to contact us.

To book an appointment with us, please contact our GP Liaison Department on:


01732 775 800

or Email:

[email protected]

On completion of the investigations, the

Consultant will discuss these results with

your patient and outline any further steps

that may be needed.

One-Stop Breast Clinic