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Dietetics Service


Dietetics Service

The Dietetics Service at Sevenoaks

Medical Centre is run by an established

team of HCPC Registered Dietitians

based at London Bridge Hospital. The team

offers outpatient clinics, specialising in a

variety of different clinical areas. Reliable,

evidence-based dietary advice is available

within gastroenterology (including IBS,

coeliac disease and IBD), women’s health

(such as PCOS), sports nutrition, oncology,

diabetes, weight reduction, cardiovascular

disease and paediatrics upon request.

The department offers tailored dietary

plans to optimise nutritional status,

symptom control and wellbeing. Ongoing

support and guidance is provided at follow-

up appointments, empowering patients to

reach their goals and to make long-lasting,

beneficial dietary and lifestyle changes.

The multidisciplinary team aims to assist

the patient’s recovery and ensure the

very best outcome.

The Dietetic Survivorship Programme is a

new service specifically aimed at individuals

who have completed their cancer treatment,

supporting them to make healthy diet

and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of

recurrent disease and other comorbidities.

The Hydrogen Breath Testing (HBT) service

complements the gastroenterology services

and involves non-invasive testing. HBT helps

to identify possible factors contributing to

bowel symptoms, such as small intestinal

bacterial overgrowth, or sugar intolerances.

The outcome of HBT also helps dietitians

to tailor patients’ diet therapies, which are

aimed at achieving optimal symptom relief

from bowel-related symptoms. Additional

treatment methods for the management

of small intestinal bacteria overgrowth may

also be recommended by the referring

Consultant or GP upon their review of the

HBT outcomes. This service can provide the

option of completing some testing in the

comfort of the patient’s home.

The team offers flexible one-to-one

consultations, lasting up to one hour to

suit the needs of patients, between the

hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to

Friday. Health insurance companies will

frequently authorise cover for dietetic

consultations and HBT if patients are

referred by a Consultant or by an NHS

GP with consulting rights.We also offer

discounts for our self-pay patients.

At Sevenoaks Medical Centre,

we recognise the important

role diet can play in a person’s

life; helping to reduce the risk

of some diseases, managing

existing illnesses and ensuring

people are feeling and

performing at their best.

Sevenoaks Medical Centre

To find out more about this service or to book an appointment, please contact the Dietetics

Department on

020 7234 2282/2359

or email

[email protected]

Dietetics Service