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GP Liaison – Introducing the Team SEVEN

GP Liaison – Introducing the Team

Patrick Ferreira




Patrick Ferreira gathered a wealth of

experience at London Bridge Hospital

whilst working as a GP Liaison Officer

for three years, in South East London,

Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Patrick’s current

remit is to ensure Sevenoaks Medical

Centre remains closely in touch with the

local community, and to act as a facilitator

between local community organisations,

GP practices, Centre staff and Sevenoaks

Consultants, making the Centre the

preferred choice of practitioners for

their patients. In addition, he will be

liaising with local community groups and

London Bridge Hospital Consultants.

In 2013, Patrick was appointed Business

Development Officer. He continues to be

a link for all surgeries within the vicinity

of Sevenoaks Medical Centre, as well as

medical practices in Bromley, providing

educational seminars and training. In

addition, Patrick’s responsibilities have

been extended to include liaising with

local schools, insurance and corporate

companies, the press, Physiotherapists,

golf clubs and other sporting clubs.

Patrick can be contacted on:


020 7234 2470/01732 775 800



Kamal Dayal

GP Liaison Officer

Kamal graduated in 2009, with a BSc in Physiology

and Pharmacology. Following his degree, he has

worked within the healthcare sector for over

five years.

Kamal is the GP Liaison Officer based at

Sevenoaks Medical Centre, looking after surgeries

within South East London and Kent. As the

GP Liaison Officer, Kamal liaises with GPs and

Practice Managers to highlight the services of the

Sevenoaks Medical Centre and London Bridge

Hospital. In addition, he identifies areas where

the hospital can help the surgeries to improve

their service delivery, for example, he frequently

arranges practice-based, GP-focused educational

talks which offer an interactive update on a

selected specialty.

Furthermore, Kamal is currently in the process of

finalising arrangements for a series of educational

talks inTonbridge and TunbridgeWells and is

looking to replicate this series of talks for GPs

within Maidstone. What’s more, he offers tours

of the Sevenoaks Medical Centre, for those

who would like to see the facilities available for

patients. If you would like to arrange a tour, or

would like further information about our services

and upcoming educational programmes, please do

not hesitate to contact him.

Kamal can be contacted on:


01732 466 630


[email protected]

GP Liaison – Introducing the Team

The GP Liaison Assistant Team is dedicated to receiving referrals by fax, phone or email, from

the GPs and members of staff at the practice or directly from the patient in order to make

appointments with some of London’s leading Consultants, based at Sevenoaks Medical Centre.

The team is able to offer a fast and efficient appointments service in addition to dealing with

queries about our services.

The GP Liaison Officers on the other hand, are primarily responsible for organising

educational seminars for GPs, Practice Managers and their staff. The Officers are allocated

specific areas and are there as a personal contact to Sevenoaks Medical Centre for you,

keeping you updated with any new developments at the Centre.