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ENT Clinic



Sevenoaks Medical Centre has a team of

Consultant ENT Surgeons who specialise in a

range of comprehensive procedures treating

sinus and nasal disorders, thyroids, tinnitus,

dizziness, otology and laryngology.

Our Services:

Ear, nose and throat diseases can impair the

senses which can subsequently hinder functional

aspects of breathing, eating and speech. At

Sevenoaks Medical Centre, we are dedicated

to providing professional guidance and support

to your patients – we offer support during

the diagnosis stage through to surgery whilst

assisting with any queries or concerns your

patient may have during their journey.

ENT Clinic

Our internationally-recognised team of

specialist ENT Consultants are renowned

for their understanding of otolaryngology,

working in unison with dedicated Clinical

Nurse Specialists and ensuring patients

receive expert treatment.

ENT Clinic

Sevenoaks Medical Centre

“Hearing loss is common and can affect people of

any age. About 16% of adults in the UK have some

degree of hearing loss.”