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Kidney Disease


Kidney Disease

prevent permanent kidney damage

and a need for long-term dialysis.

This is usually initiated following a

renal biopsy which can be performed

at London Bridge Hospital. Careful

monitoring is required in order to

achieve the right balance between

damping down the immune system

enough to treat the disease, but

not enough to cause infections.

Dr Robson has established

a specialist clinic in the Renal

Unit at Guy’s & St Thomas

Hospital for patients with

lupus nephritis, vasculitis

and other forms of


He has developed

protocols for first-line

therapies, and achieves excellent

results with low infection rates.

He also gives newer treatments

to patients that have failed

to respond to more

standard therapies.

rals –


Histology from renal biopsy specimens.The left panel shows a glomerulus from a patient with

ANCA vasculitis. Most of the glomerulus has been replaced by a cellular ‘crescent’.The right

panel shows a glomerulus from a patient with lupus nephritis with inflammation on the left-hand

side of the glomerulus, whereas the right-hand side of the glomerulus is unaffected.