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London Bridge Hospital Services

The London Bridge Hospital iPhone app is free to download, and is available from the App Store. If you would like to

find out more information about the iPhone app, please contact the GP Liaison Department on

T: 020 7234 2009

London Bridge Hospital

‘has an app for that’

Cutting Edge


Expertise for

GPs and Patients

and Docklands Healthcare which

will provide the following benefits:

• Cardiac scanning

• More complex

scanning techniques

• Shorter examination

times – improving the

patient MRI experience

At London Bridge Hospital, we

take pride in providing the cutting

edge treatment and diagnostic

equipment required to assess our

patients.We have upgraded the

X-ray processing equipment at City

of London Medical Centre, enabling

faster turnaround of patient results;

we have recently also completed

an upgrade on the MRI scanners

at City of London Medical Centre

London Bridge Hospital Outpatient

Services provide outstanding care

for patients at the following centres;

31 Old Broad Street, Docklands

Healthcare, City of London and

Sevenoaks Medical Centres.These

centres provide easily accessible and

welcoming outpatient consultation and

diagnostic services.All of our centres

are utilised by leading Consultants

from London’s teaching hospitals.

With the increased use of technology and

the growing demand to access information

and internet services whilst on the go,

London Bridge Hospital has devised an

iPhone application specifically for GPs.

The app provides an accessible platform

for GPs to swiftly access information on

our renowned Consultants, and provides a

direct link to our GP Liaison Department.

According to OFCOMTechnologyTracker,

over 84% of smartphone owners go

online via their phones each week. London

Bridge Hospital has developed an app

to assist GPs who rely on their iPhone

for accessing information and internet

services when not based at their PC.

The London Bridge Hospital app is

free to download for the iPhone, and

holds a wealth of information about our

Consultants and their specialties. It enables

GPs to instantly search for Consultants

who practise at London Bridge Hospital

and the hospital’s outpatient diagnostic

and treatment centres across the City.

The app can be used to search by

specialist name and by specialty, where

Consultants matching the search term

will appear, along with their full profile

including contact information.

GPs can also contact London Bridge

Hospital’s GP LiaisonTeam directly

through the app to refer patients and

enquire and book appointments for

consultations or treatment.There is also

a page with detailed information about

London Bridge Hospital and its services.

To find out more about London Bridge Hospital and our outpatient centres, please visit

or call the Imaging Department on

T: 020 7234 2773