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Critical Care


Critical Care

To find out more about the Critical Care Service at London Bridge Hospital, please contact the GP Liaison Department on

T: 020 7234 2009

or visit .

Critical Care Unit

The Critical Care Unit at London Bridge

Hospital has expanded to a 15-bed unit,

10 of which are in single rooms.The

state-of-the-art unit has been equipped

with the latest technology to provide

advanced and constant care to critically

ill patients.

The unit has 10 isolation rooms, one of

which is a sophisticated and dedicated

respiratory isolation room and 12 of

the unit’s total 15 beds provide Level

3 care. In addition, the unit provides

continuous support, observation and

care for patients following high risk or

complicated surgical interventions and

medical conditions, requiring either High

Dependency or Intensive Care.The

unit’s multidisciplinary team provides a

number of additional services crucial to

critical care, which include non-invasive

and advanced medical ventilation,

modern continuous haemo-dynamic

monitoring systems and different

modalities of renal replacement therapy.

The individual patient rooms enable

the hospital to offer an enhanced

one-to-one treatment service, which

can aid recovery time and provides

privacy for the patients.The individual

rooms also allow for increased infection

control benefits for patients.

Each of the new rooms is fitted with

revolutionary electronically powered

SmartGlass windows. At the flick of a

switch, the clear glass becomes opaque,

providing privacy when needed.The

SmartGlass also enables staff who are

in a separate room to see their patients

from room to room.

In addition, the unit has gone live

with an electronic documentation

system, IntelliVue Clinical Information

Portfolio (ICIP). This is a cutting

edge solution deployed by HCA

International. This system collects data

directly from the bedside devices, and

displays them in an electronic user

interface in comprehensive graphs

and charts. It enables Intensive Care

staff to document, disseminate and

evaluate patient information quickly

and easily, replacing most of the paper

documentation in the Critical Care Unit.

The expansion of the Critical Care Unit

designates London Bridge Hospital as

the largest private critical care provider

between its location in Southwark and

the South East of England, including

Kent, East Sussex andWest Sussex.


The unit is staffed by a dynamic and

motivated multidisciplinary team, with

Consultant Intensivists who provide

24-hour cover, allowing comprehensive

and uninterrupted Consultant care at

all times.

The Consultant Intensivist is supported

by a Critical Care Resident Medical

Officer (CCRMO) qualified to

Anaesthetic Registrar Level-equivalent,

who is on-site 24 hours a day. At all

times there is a qualified Critical Care

Nurse on duty with Advanced Life

Support Qualifications.The remainder

of the team comprises pharmacists,

physiotherapists, dietitians and nurses

specialised in the management of

acute pain.

Critical Care Support

In addition, the hospital provides a range

of specialist support services for critical

care patients, including cardiac surgery,

liver transplants and neurosurgery.

The patients in the Critical Care

Unit also have 24-hour access to

the hospital’s modern and efficient

Radiology Department, and when

appropriate, referral to Consultants

from all medical and surgical specialties

across London Bridge Hospital.


The Critical Care Unit participates

in the audit and research programme

carried out by the Intensive Care

National Audit Research Centre

(ICNARC). ICNARC’s aim is to foster

improvements in the organisation and

practice of critical care in the UK.

Critical Care

London Bridge Hospital

The Critical Care Unit at London Bridge Hospital provides the highest level of dedicated,

continuous, specialised care to critically ill patients with a variety of medical or surgical

conditions who require complex multi-organ support.