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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Care

A new approach

For more information on this service, contact CP+R on:

T: 020 7053 6104



[email protected]

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It has been recognised and

documented that the delivery of

cardiac rehabilitation services needs to

be tailored to meet the requirements

of the individual. An approach that

takes into account all aspects of an

individual’s circumstances including

family, friends, occupation, social

interactions, activity levels, nutrition

and core values should provide the

platform for effective rehabilitation

and long-term habitual change.

The CP+R team includes a Clinical

Exercise Specialist, Clinical Nurse,

Dietitian and the Programme Director.

We have also established links with

other healthcare professionals such

as executive coaches, psychologists

and physiotherapists, allowing patients

easy access when necessary. Together,

we cover four key areas:

+ Assessment and education

+ Exercise prescription

+ Clinical support

+ Nutritional and dietary support.

We believe that comprehensive

support in these areas will help

patients make the physiological

adaptations critical to overall

cardiovascular risk reduction, and

make significant lifestyle changes for

longevity of rehabilitation.

CP+R combines specific exercise

prescription with ongoing education

and support to offer a comprehensive

service looking at long-term

sustainability and outcome.We believe

that the key elements that allow us to

achieve this are:

+ A team-to-one approach to cardiac


+ Early entry into the rehabilitation

process (Phase I – IV)

+ No waiting time or lists at any

Phase of CR

+ Comprehensive assessment prior

to programme prescription

+ Application of fundamental scientific

principles of exercise physiology

+ Emphasis on sustainable model and

long-term management with CP+R

+ Ability to accept high risk patients

from all diagnoses groups

+ Regular re-assessments throughout


+Varied support structure, and open

lines of communication at all times.

We firmly believe that our unique

ability to work with patients from

as early as Phase I allows the most

effective and consistent adherence to

CR. Regular monitoring of progression

via assessments and goal setting allows

us the best opportunity to effect

change in lifestyle.

The exercise principles adopted by

CP+R centre around a combination

of both cardiovascular and resistance-

based exercise techniques, and utilise

the guidelines set out by the BACPR.

Working on a team-to-one basis

allows screening of the individual

at each visit to our clinic, therefore

prescription of exercise can be far

more specific.

At CP+R we see the significance of

providing a tailored, multidisciplinary

service accessible to anyone who falls

into the category of CR.

Excellence in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Although there have been

improvements in the number of

patients who take part in some form

of cardiac rehabilitation programme,

problems remain with large disparities

in staffing and uptake (The National

Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation –

Annual Statistical Report 2010). The

same report expressed evidence that

a postcode lottery still existed both

in opportunity and in staffing levels

of individual programmes.

In 2009/10, only 42% of patients who

had a heart attack (MI), bypass surgery

(CABG), or an angioplasty (PCI)

took part in Cardiac Rehabilitation

(CR) across England,Wales and

Northern Ireland. Furthermore, it

is still reported that certain other

diagnoses are not accepted onto some

CR programmes; heart failure, angina

and pacemakers are included among

these. Only 17% of patients took part

in individual exercise sessions as part

of their CR programmes and there is

an inconsistency of CR in Phase I – IV

across the board in terms of provision

and patient uptake (The National

Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation –

Annual Statistical Report 2011).

CP+R is a specialist clinic, aiming to

help people who fall into one of two


+ Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) –

anyone who has or has had a

cardiac condition or event

+ Cardiac Prevention (CP) – anyone

who wants to improve their health

or reduce the risk factors related

to developing cardiovascular

disease, e.g. weight loss, reduction

of blood pressure, control of

blood sugar levels, reduction

of cholesterol levels, increase

cardiovascular capacity and fitness.

Cardiac Rehabilitation