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Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

London Bridge Hospital is pleased to

announce the launch of a specialist

physiotherapy service, run by Sara

Parker, Senior Physiotherapist. The

service aims to provide an individually

structured exercise programme

and overall lifestyle advice, that is

progressed according to the patient’s

specific needs and goals.

Research has clearly shown that

regular physical activity can help

reduce, as well as prevent, the risk

of cardiovascular disease and future

heart-related problems.

This service is aimed at patients who

have a heart condition, or have recently

undergone cardiac surgery, as well as

people who are active but need to

build confidence in re-establishing an

exercise regime.

Physiological benefits of regular physical

activity include:

- Improved cardiovascular fitness levels

- Reduced blood pressure and heart

rate, both at rest and during exercise,

in turn lowering the workload on the


- Regulated sleep patterns

- Assistance with weight management

- Reduced stress levels – this is hugely

important to protect the heart from

the effects of adrenaline-fuelled

situations within our busy lifestyles

that can have a negative impact on

heart health.

Being physically active can be as simple

as taking up a half-hour walk on most

days of the week – and it’s never too

late to start.



A new service

New service launched to promote the benefits

of regular physical activity for cardiac patients.

For more information, please contact the Physiotherapy Department on:

T: 020 7234 2500



[email protected]

or visit

Sara qualified as a

physiotherapist in 2002 from

King’s College London, and

over the past ten years has

gained a variety of clinical

experience in the NHS and

private sector, both in the UK

and United States. She has

developed a specialist interest

in acute cardiorespiratory

physiotherapy management,

and has previously been

responsible for overseeing

and running a cardiac

rehabilitation service during

all phases of recovery. Sara

is also a member of the

British Association of Cardiac

Prevention & Rehabilitation,

and the British Cardiovascular

Society. She is currently in

training for a charity cycle

ride throughVietnam and

Cambodia for the British

Heart Foundation.

Sara Parker

Senior Physiotherapist

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy