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Cardiac Services

A new development

London Bridge Hospital is the first in the UK to offer the new blood

test, PLAC (LpPLA


), which monitors a patient’s risk of heart disease

and strokes. The blood test, which shows an index of inflammatory

changes in the blood vessels, is a ground-breaking way to identify

a patient’s cardiac risk factor. The results are shown as either

a low, medium or high risk.

GPs can refer patients to a Consultant Cardiologist

at London Bridge Hospital, who will initially assess

the patient to determine whether they require

PLAC to measure their cardiac risk. If a patient

does require PLAC, tests are carried out at the

hospital. Results are available 24 to 48 hours

after the test and following results, if required,

the patient is referred back to the Consultant

Cardiologist for further investigation.

The availability of PLAC is another addition

to London Bridge Hospital’s world-renowned

Cardiac Services, which include a wide range

of diagnostic services and treatments. Our

multidisciplinary approach enables us to offer

an individualised care programme for each

patient. Along with access to Consultant

Cardiologists from top London teaching

hospitals, patients also receive support from

our physiotherapists and dietitians, to aid

with rehabilitation and cardiac-related

nutritional advice. PLAC has the ability

to reveal extensive details about the types

of changes medium to high cardiac risk

patients should strive to make to their

diet, and which statins can be prescribed

to help reduce risk.

PLAC – New

Blood Test Now


London Bridge Hospital now offers a ground-breaking blood

test introduced to determine patients’ cardiac risk factor.

For more information on PLAC, please contact the GP Liaison Team on:

T: 020 7234 2009


Cardiac Services