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at London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital is proud to

offer a revolution in the field of heart

surgery for deep intra cardiac conditions

– the Minimally Invasive MitralValve

procedure. This procedure helps to

tackle the debilitating after effects of

open heart surgery. The collaboration

of the keyhole specialists at London

Bridge Hospital enables the Minimally

Invasive MitralValve procedure to now

be offered as a mainstream option for

more patients.

The Minimally Invasive MitralValve

procedure accesses the heart through

a small incision in-between the ribs.

The procedure is still intensive, and

requires the use of a heart-lung machine;

whilst access to the heart is conducted

using a camera on a telescope to

provide visual insight.

The multidisciplinary team at London

Bridge Hospital consists of Consultants

and Clinical Nurse Specialists, who will

care for the patient during their stay.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist will liaise

with the team at the hospital’s state-of-

the-art, purpose-built Critical Care Unit,

where the patient will stay temporarily

following their operation. Here, they will

be monitored by a team of experienced

nurses with critical care qualifications,

supported by five Intensive Care

Consultants, Consultant Intensivists and

Critical Care Resident Medical Officers.

A faster and smoother recovery is just

one of the benefits of the Minimally

Invasive MitralValve procedure over

traditional open-heart surgery procedures.

Minimal wound pain allows patients to

heal in a matter of ten days as opposed to

the 12 weeks previously required, ensuring

a rapid return to their normal lifestyle as

soon as possible. In addition, the less invasive

nature of the procedure makes the surgery

suitable for earlier stage intervention in the

treatment of intra cardiac conditions. The

reduced healing times and the lower impact

and risk on the body means that for patients

and Consultants alike, cardiac conditions can

be treated without having to wait until the

last moment.

This minimally invasive technique is also

ideal for younger patients, as it reduces

the scarring that can occur with traditional

open-heart surgery.

London Bridge Hospital is one of the largest

private hospitals in the UK, and with over

100 private rooms, patients can recover in

their own privacy resulting in a very low

infection rate.

Keyhole Heart Surgery

For more information on the Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve procedure, please contact the GP Liaison Team on:

T: 020 7234 2009

Keyhole Heart Surgery


Mr Inderpaul Birdi

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Mr Birdi is an experienced

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, with

specialist expertise in minimally

invasive heart surgery and mitral

valve repair.

He undertook a period of research

at The Bristol Heart Institute,

contributing to numerous publications

in leading international journals.

He completed his training in adult

cardiothoracic surgery and heart

and lung transplantation at Papworth

Hospital, Cambridge.

He is currently the Lead Surgeon, and

Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery at

The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre. He has

led the development of one of the largest

mitral valve repair programmes in the

United Kingdom offering both traditional

and keyhole techniques.

His other areas of expertise include hybrid

coronary revascularisation, aortic valve repair

and beating heart coronary surgery.