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Enhanced Recovery

After Surgery (ERAS)

New Programme Launches at London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital is piloting a

specialist Enhanced Recovery After

Surgery (ERAS) programme, with

plans to implement it fully throughout

2014. ERAS provides the gold standard

of evidence-based care, with global

research proving that it reduces post-

operative morbidity and mortality.

London Bridge Hospital is the first

private hospital within the HCA Group

to introduce the system, which is used

across all NHS hospitals, with other

hospitals planning to follow suit. Benefits

of ERAS include less pain after surgery,

a faster recovery and a shorter length

of stay in hospital. The ultimate aim

is to allow patients a faster return to

their normal lifestyle, as well as aiding

in illustrating clinical outcomes for

the hospital; providing a transparent

framework to improve upon.

The programme will be launching

across the abdominal surgery and

colorectal wards at the beginning of

the year, led by Consultant Colorectal

Surgeon, Mr Andrew Williams, and

Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr David

James. The ERAS team at London

Bridge Hospital is multidisciplinary,

comprising of pre-assessment nurses,

ward nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists,

pain nurse specialists, ITU nurses,

clinical governance experts and

practice development specialists.

Patients are encouraged to exercise

before they come into hospital and

will be assessed by a pre-assessment

nurse. On admission, they will be

given specialist carbohydrate drinks,

controlled fluid management and

different anaesthetic management

peri-operatively, and during post-

operative recovery they will be

encouraged to eat, drink and start

mobilising as soon as possible. By

using this system, the patient’s

recovery starts before they even

come into hospital.

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Mr Andrew Williams, leading the

programme, comments,

New Programme

New Programme THIRTEEN

“ERAS is now rapidly

becoming standard care

in hospitals throughout

Europe. There is clear, good

quality evidence that this

multimodal approach to

patient care after major

abdominal surgery has

great benefits for patients

and leads to a swifter

recovery. Importantly, it is

also associated with fewer


Mr Andrew Williams


Consultant Colorectal

& General Surgeon

MrWilliams specialises in

colorectal surgery, with specific

interest in inflammatory bowel

disease including recurrent

Crohn’s resections and pouch

surgery, as well as endoscopy,

colonoscopy and hernia repairs.

He also has a major interest

in pelvic floor pathology and

surgery pelvic floor dysfunction,

and complex anal sepsis fistulae