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For more information on the 3T MRI scanner, contact 31 Old Broad Street on:

T: 020 7496 3522

The Gastroenterology Department at

London Bridge Hospital already offers a

Capsule Endoscopy Service, which is the

most accurate method of investigating

problems in the small intestine. Now,

patients experiencing obscure bleeding, or

those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease,

will be able to undertake this procedure

remotely, in the comfort of their own home.

The Home Capsule Endoscopy is a new

type of wireless camera, where all the

images are recorded on the capsule itself.

Dr Simon Anderson, Consultant Physician

and Gastroenterologist, says,

“This is a

360-degree camera, which takes incredibly

detailed pictures. The patient gets sent the

camera to their home address, and they

are required to fast the night before, and

then swallow the capsule in the morning.

In addition, the patients are also given

laxatives, so that after the capsule has

passed through their digestive tract for the

required time, the laxatives can help them

expel the capsule quickly so that they can

retrieve it and send it back to the hospital,

where the images can be reviewed.”

Capsule Endoscopy has been available at

London Bridge Hospital since 2008. Patients

are treated at our specialist Endoscopy Unit,

which is located in the Day Surgery Unit.

Our Consultants and Day SurgeryTeam

provide a fully-comprehensive endoscopy

service, carrying out further investigations

of symptoms including abdominal bloating

and pain, change of bowel habit and

gastrointestinal bleeding.

Our facilities include the latest advances

in equipment to perform minimally

invasive endoscopic procedures, including

colonoscopy, Endoscopic Retrograde

Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP),

endoscopic ultrasound, balloon enteroscopy

and a Bravo PH study, which monitors the

back flow of gastric acid in the gullet.

Home Capsule


Now Available at London Bridge Hospital

Home Capsule Endoscopy


For more information on the Endoscopy Unit at London Bridge Hospital, call the GP Liaison

Department on:

T: 020 7234 2009

, or visit:

Home Capsule Endoscopy

Dr Simon Anderson

Consultant Physician

Dr Anderson graduated from the

University of CapeTown in 1990.

He underwent higher specialist

training at King’s College Hospital

(Liver Diseases and Intensive

Care) and Guy’s and St Thomas’

Hospital (Gastroenterology). He

was awarded aWellcome Institute

Research Fellowship and moved

on to conduct full-time research

at St Thomas’ Hospital. He was

awarded a Doctorate of Medicine

(MD) from the University

of London in 2004, and was

appointed Consultant Physician

and Gastroenterologist at Guy’s

and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation

Trust in 2006, where he leads an

acute general medicine firm.

His interests include therapeutic

endoscopy, colonoscopy and

balloon enteroscopy, wireless

capsule endoscopy, Inflammatory

Bowel Disease, techniques for the

diagnosis and treatment of small-

intestinal disease and ulcerative

colitis. He is also an investigator

in the trial of a new treatment for

Crohn’s Disease, and the genetics

of Crohn’s Disease.