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Non-Surgical Obesity Therapy

Dr Jude A Oben

BM BCh (Oxon) PhD FRCP (Lond & Edin)

Consultant Gastroenterologist

and Hepatologist

Clinician Scientist

Dr Jude A Oben is a Clinician

Scientist, and holds Consultant

appointments in Gastroenterology

and Hepatology at Guy’s & St

Thomas’ Hospital, as well as in

Hepatology at the Royal Free

Hospital, London. He is also a

Senior Lecturer in Hepatology

at the University College

London Institute for Liver and

Digestive Health. He has a PhD in

Immunopharmacology from UCL

and studied medicine at Oxford, as

well as at Stanford University, Palo

Alto, USA, as a research fellow in

Immunology with a post doctoral

research period at Johns Hopkins

University, Maryland, USA.

He leads a productive research

group at the UCL Institute for

Liver and Digestive Health, Royal

Free Hospital and continues to

juggle clinical and basic science

research with clinical practice in

gastroenterology and hepatology.

His research focuses on obesity-

induced liver disease (non-

alcoholic fatty liver disease), liver

regeneration and mechanism of

fibrosis in Crohn’s Disease. He is

a co-founder andTrustee of the

Obesity Action Campaign.

The London Obesity Practice at London

Bridge Hospital is pleased to announce

the launch of an innovative obesity therapy,

aimed at patients with a BMI of 30+. The

therapy focuses on healthy eating habits

and portion control, and consists of two

elements. Firstly, an intra-gastric balloon,

known as the ReShape Duo, is inserted

endoscopically into the patient as an

outpatient procedure, remaining in the

stomach for a six-month period. The balloon

occupies space in the stomach, making the

patient feel full. During this time, the patient

is supported by Dr Oben and a dedicated

dietitian while the balloon is in place, and

given advice on portion control and

support to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

The ReShape Duo, developed by

California-based Reshape Medical, is the

world’s only dual intra-gastric balloon.

The dual balloon has three potential

advantages over traditional single gastric

balloons; the shape of the dual balloon

fits the natural curvature of the stomach,

allowing it to sit in a more comfortable

position; the two balloons can hold up

to 900ml of saline, occupying more space

in the stomach, and as each balloon is

filled and sealed independently, in the

unlikely chance a balloon should deflate,

the other balloon will hold the device in

place until it can be removed.

The ReShape Duo weight loss programme

will be offered at London Bridge

Hospital by Dr Jude Oben, Consultant

Gastroenterologist and Fellow of the

Royal College of Physicians ObesityWorking

Party. Dr Oben says,

“I am excited to be

working with ReShape’s Duo balloon,

because of their efficiency and comfort.

I believe firmly that non-surgical options,

such as the balloon, should very much be a

part of the obesity management pathway.”

The ReShape Duo is an ideal weight loss

therapy for obese patients looking for a

non-surgical solution which goes beyond

diet and exercise alone. The balloon offers

a helping hand and allows the patient to

sustain a programme of portion control

over a six-month period to adopt healthier

lifestyle habits.

London Bridge Hospital Launches Innovative


Obesity Therapy

Non-Surgical Obesity Therapy

For more information on the London Obesity Practice and the ReShape DuoWeight

Loss Programme, please contact the GP Liaison Department on:

T: 020 7234 2009