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Name: Sonia Brown From: Kent

17 years ago, Sonia was doing some research into oesophageal cancer, as her father-in-law at the time

had been diagnosed with the condition. It was during a telephone conversation about this condition that

she was told one of the most common symptoms of oesophageal cancer is a lump in the neck. When

Sonia discovered a lump in her own neck, she immediately made an appointment with her GP, who

referred her to have further tests privately. She had a nuclear X-ray and an aspiration, which told her that

she had a benign goitre.

In November/December 2012, Sonia had a series of chest infections, which she went to the GP about and

was prescribed antibiotics. Despite this, it still wouldn’t clear, and she was left with a very bad cough. Her

GP then sent her for an X-ray, which is when she discovered that the goitre she had been diagnosed with

10 years ago had been growing internally onto her thyroid.

It was only when she found out that the goitre had been growing internally

that she realised this was also the cause of another condition she suffered

from – heavy breathing whilst sleeping – as the goitre was weighing down

on her breathing passage. Her breathing was so heavy and loud that it

would keep her husband awake at night. Previously, she had just attributed

the heavy breathing to being slightly overweight.

After discovering that the goitre had been growing internally, Sonia was

originally referred to a Consultant in Canterbury, where she had a CT

scan and further X-rays. Looking at the results, the Consultant concluded

that there was a chance that Sonia may have to have a special surgical

procedure that would involve going through her breast bone to remove

the goitre. Given this possibility, he recommended that he pass her case

to Mr Simo at London Bridge Hospital, as he felt that his expertise would

provide the best way forward for Sonia’s case.

When Sonia saw Mr Simo at London Bridge Hospital, she had around nine

biopsies, and was told on the same day that all the samples were benign.

Sonia underwent her thyroidectomy, where Mr Simo successfully removed

the whole goitre without having to go through Sonia’s breastbone. Sonia

had 14-15 staples to close the incision, which has healed perfectly.

Post-operation, the goitre was tested again to see if it was cancerous.

There was less than 1cm of cancer detected in the centre, and as the

whole goitre had been removed, this meant that Sonia didn’t require

any further treatment.

Since having the operation, both Sonia and her husband have enjoyed

much more peaceful sleep, undisturbed by any heavy breathing.

Integrated Thyroid

A new Integrated Multidisciplinary

Thyroid Centre has been established

at London Bridge Hospital, and is the

product of a collaboration between the

Thyroid Multidisciplinary Team of the

South East London Head and Neck

Cancer Network, and the newly-formed

London Cancer Alliance.

The Integrated Multidisciplinary Thyroid

Centre offers a comprehensive service

for all types of thyroid disorders,

including under-active and over-active

thyroid, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules,

thyroid goitres and thyroid cancer. Our

expert team of clinicians has extensive

experience in the management of all

aspects of thyroid disease, and can

offer effective diagnostic services and

treatments for every thyroid condition –

from abnormalities of thyroid hormone

production, through to highly-complex

thyroid surgery.

The Centre is equipped with advanced

technology to diagnose and treat

thyroid disorders. These include facilities

for blood testing, high-resolution

ultrasounds, guided Fine Needle

Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), nuclear

medicine thyroid scans, computerised

tomography and magnetic resonance

imaging. All necessary investigations

can be done on site, in a short period

London Bridge Hospital

For more information on the Integrated Multidisciplinary Thyroid Centre,

please contact the GP Liaison Team on:

T: 020 7234 2009

Integrated Multidisciplinary Thyroid Centre

Integrated Thyroid Centre


Mr Ricard Simo

Thyroid Surgeon

Mr Simo is a Consultant

Otorhinolaryngologist and Head,

Neck andThyroid Surgeon, with

a dedicated practice for head and

neck oncological surgery, thyroid,

parathyroid and salivary gland


His areas of expertise lie in head

and neck oncological surgery,

thyroid, parathyroid and salivary

gland surgery. He also has an

interest in complex and revision

head and neck surgery.