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of time, by a team of experienced


Thyroid cancer and complex cases

are discussed at the weekly Thyroid

Multidisciplinary Team Meeting, where

the most appropriate and comprehensive

recommendation for a plan of care is

made for each patient.

The Team offers a comprehensive

range of thyroid surgeries for benign

conditions and thyroid cancer, as

well as revision thyroid surgery and

extensive procedures such as removal

of retrosternal goitres, which may

require the involvement of thoracic

surgeons. The surgical team has access

to neuromonitoring, which allows

our surgeons to identify, confirm and

monitor the recurrent laryngeal nerve

and other cranial nerves during thyroid


Diabetes Care



New State-Of-The-Art Gym

Diabetes Care


Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a growing epidemic worldwide; the International Diabetes Federation

(IDF) estimates that in 2013, more than 382 million people were suffering from

diabetes. In addition to this, the number of people developing Type 2 diabetes

worldwide is expected to rise to 592 million by 2035.

Closer to home, according to the State of the Nation Report, almost a quarter

of a million people were diagnosed with diabetes last year in the UK alone –

and an estimated 7.4% of England’s population live with the condition.

One of the main shortcomings in diabetes care is in the variability of care

offered to patients. Our aim is to become a high reliability organisation when

it comes to diabetes care for our patients.

At London Bridge Hospital, at least 40% of patients admitted at any one time

have diabetes as an underlying condition, and at least 95% of these patients

are primarily from the Middle East. More than 75% of these patients are

admitted with poorly-controlled diabetes and complications of diabetes, such

as retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and heart disease.

The training which is offered to all of our nurses ensures that they are equipped

with evidence-based skills and knowledge about diabetes to guarantee that our

patients receive the best care possible. Topics include guidelines on how to care

for a patient admitted with hyperglycaemia (a high blood glucose level), and what

to do when a patient experiences hypoglycaemia (a low blood glucose level).

Getting diabetes care right is essential for maintaining high-quality, consistent

patient care across the hospital.

In addition to this, our Diabetes Specialist Nurse,Tembi Chinaire, will be

working alongside our endocrinologists and diabetiologists, to provide

education for patients on starting on insulin or other therapies like GLP1,

insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and general diabetes education

in an outpatient setting.

For more information on diabetes and the dedicated care offered at

London Bridge Hospital, please contact Tembi Chinaire, Diabetes Specialist

Nurse, on:

T: 020 7234 3100