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My Clinical Outcomes

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

are vital to hospitals and Consultants in

providing insight into how a patient perceives

their health, treatment, recovery and quality of

life. PROMs have been traditionally collected

on paper through short, self-completed

questionnaires, and then utilised to quantify

quality care and health gains from treatments.

They have previously only focused on four

areas – hip and knee replacements, varicose

veins, inguinal hernia repairs and cataracts.

London Bridge Hospital has taken this to

the next level, by adopting a new, state-of-

the-art feedback system. Built primarily for

orthopaedics, but now encompassing other

specialties, the system promotes communication

between primary care and tertiary care,

as well as involving the patient throughout.

This new, award-winning tool is called

‘myClinicalOutcomes’, and has the added

bonus of being completely paper-free.

The programme was conceived in 2010 in

the absence of a collection mechanism for

feedback from orthopaedic patients, and was

initially created, implemented and tested with

clinicians in 2011/12 in Cornwall.

Patients are encouraged to access and

register through a personalised portal,

completing a short, clinically validated,

condition-specific assessment, to assess

the severity of their current symptoms.

Over time, patients can update their

scores at leisure, and track their progress.

Otherwise, they will be prompted by

email to revisit the website every three

months, depending on their condition.

The system allows clinicians to monitor

patients’ progress remotely, and initiate

a consultation or treatment review if

necessary; providing vital feedback for

Consultant-specific clinical outcomes,

and long-term results. The system not

only informs clinicians of patients’

perception of treatment, but also

conveys the actual outcome and success

(or otherwise) of treatments. Patients

can continue to access their information

in the months and years beyond their

initial treatment, and it is currently the

only programme for data collection

that continues to involve the patient


London Bridge Hospital initially completed

a four-month pilot of the system in a small

group, to ensure the programme was

suitable and acceptable to patients, and

that it fitted in alongside care pathways.

Mr Spicer, Consultant Orthopaedic

Surgeon and part of the London Bridge

Orthopaedics Group, was part of

the pioneering pilot, and continues to

promote the system due to its success

so far. London Bridge Hospital is now

offering the programme to all orthopaedic

surgeons, and myClinicalOutcomes is in

the process of being adopted across other

specialties to encourage patient outcome

collection throughout the hospital.

The system has also been built with the

ability to include General Practitioners

and primary referrers. This exciting feature

enables GPs to register and follow their

patients’ progress. Patients are asked to

identify and share their information with

their General Practitioner, which then

allows them access to their records – a

functionality that London Bridge Hospital

is looking to introduce in the near future.

At London Bridge Hospital, we strive to constantly evaluate the quality of care we provide, and to achieve

better results for our patients. We are rising to the challenge of providing the highest quality care by

asking patients to feedback their experience and progress after treatment, in the form of clinical outcomes.

London Bridge Hospital

Quality of Care



Quality of Care

For more information, please visit


or contact Sarah Bailey, Orthopaedic

Clinical Nurse Specialist on:

T: 020 7234 2754