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The Shard


The Shard

HCA is launching a brand

new outpatient diagnostic and

treatment centre in one of

London’s most iconic buildings,

The Shard.

The new outpatient centre will

provide rapid access to London

Bridge Hospital’s network of

world-renowned Consultants,

covering a range of specialties

including orthopaedics,

physiotherapy and spinal

rehabilitation. It will also include

a dedicated, exclusive women’s

health service, offering services

such as gynaecology and breast


This latest addition to London

Bridge Hospital will allow us

to extend our state-of-the-art

imaging capabilities, with two

MRI machines within the facility;

ensuring that we can continue

to deliver same day or next-day

appointments to our patients,

at a time and place most

convenient for them.




Centre at

The Shard

Major scientific developments in recent

years have brought significant changes in

how breast cancer is managed surgically.

The innovative oncoplastic approach to

breast cancer surgery uses plastic surgical

techniques in combination with principles

of cancer surgery, in order to obtain a high

rate of clear surgical resection margins at

the first operation, with minimal scarring,

less deformity and an aesthetically better

breast shape at the end.

During the cancer operation, after

the tumour has been removed, the

breast is remodelled and refashioned

in order to maintain and even improve

breast aesthetics (breast reduction and

mastopexy, repositioning of the nipple-

areola complex, hidden scars).

With oncoplastic techniques, the chances

of breast conservation are significantly

higher; often, the nipple can be preserved,

and a mastectomy can be avoided in

larger, central tumours without causing a

noticeable deformity. These procedures

are carefully planned in a multidisciplinary

environment. Usage of preoperative

Mr Tibor Kovacs


Consultant Breast and

Oncoplastic Surgeon

Mr Kovacs trained in breast cancer surgery and surgical oncology at

the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest. He proceeded with

further training in breast reconstruction and oncoplastic mentorship

at South Manchester University Hospitals and the Royal Liverpool

University Hospital Breast Units.

Between 2005 and 2010, Mr Kovacs was a Consultant and Lead

Clinician at Glan Clwyd Hospital in NorthWales. During this time, he

developed and established a new breast reconstructive service, and

promoted innovative techniques in breast cancer management. During

these years, he achieved excellent clinical outcomes and high patient

satisfaction by establishing the Sentinel Node Biopsy technique and

offering immediate and delayed reconstructive options (implant based

and LD flap reconstructions) for his patients. He is now based at

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, where he is a

Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon.

Mr Kovacs is a faculty member and teacher on several European

and British Advanced Breast Cancer and Oncoplastic Breast

Surgery courses. He was recently appointed as Associate Editor

for Breast Subspecialty of the prestigious European Journal of

Surgical Oncology.