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One-Stop Breast Clinic

One-Stop Breast Clinic


To find out more about the One-Stop

Breast Clinic, call our GP Liaison

Department on:

T: 020 7234 2009



Clinic in

the City

Our outpatient centre at 31Old Broad

Street offers a one-stop assessment

for diagnosis and treatment for a range

of breast disorders, including benign

conditions, breast cancer and family

history risk assessment screening.

Same-day imaging investigations

are performed by specialist breast

Consultant Radiologists, with the

majority of results available on the

same day. If required, a treatment

plan will then be discussed with the

Consultant Surgeon. Should further

consultation be required, referral

to a Consultant Oncologist, Plastic

Surgeon or Clinical Geneticist can

be arranged easily and quickly.

During the appointment, investigations

can be performed; this includes Fine

Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

and core needle biopsy. Results are

usually available on the same day.

The Clinic also offers pre-operative

assessment for patients needing

surgery and a Specialist Breast Care

Nurse is on hand to offer patients

support and advice.

Consultants at

31 Old Broad Street

Mr Nicolas Beechey-Newman,


Mr Tibor Kovacs,



Surgical Oncology

Mr Hisham Hamed,


31 Old Broad Street

For more information on the London Liver Centre, contact the GP Liaison

Team on:

T: 020 7234 2009


Liver Services

Consultants at the specialist London

Liver Centre based at London Bridge

Hospital provide the highest standards

in diagnosis and treatment in London.

They have developed and perfected

advanced techniques in all areas of

liver-related medicine, including liver

disease, pancreatic cancer and biliary

cancer. This expertise, along with the

state-of-the-art medical facilities and

technology available, has earned the

London Liver Centre an international

reputation for clinical excellence.

Always at the cutting-edge of treatment,

the London Liver Centre offers a wide

range of services. Our experts include

specialist Consultant Radiologists,

working within a multidisciplinary

team to provide a comprehensive,

clinical programme, with an integrated

investigation and treatment service.

This includes live liver transplantation,

fibroscan, radio frequency ablation,

Hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB)

surgery and viral hepatitis management

and treatment.

The London Liver Centre benefits

from on-site pathology, pharmacies

and imaging services; ensuring all

requirements for each individual patient

can be met without the need for

multiple appointments.

The team works closely with the

Critical Care Unit, who provide expert

intensive care support 24 hours a day,

whether the patient’s stay is planned

or unplanned. The Unit is run by a team

of experienced nurses with critical

care qualifications, and supported by

a multidisciplinary team consisting of

Consultant Intensivists, Critical Care

Resident Medical Officers, Critical Care

Nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists,

occupational therapists, speech

and language therapists, dieticians,

Consultant Microbiologists and Clinical

Nurse Specialists.

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic or

liver cancer can receive diagnostic and

treatment services at one convenient

location.Whether on an inpatient or

outpatient basis, patients will be able to

receive treatment in our state-of-the-

art Cancer Treatment Suite. Situated in

our outpatient centre within the main

hospital, the Cancer Treatment Suite

has individual pods, where patients

can receive treatment in privacy with

access to television, films and internet.

London Bridge Hospital