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Cardiac MDT Approach

The MDT approach offers great potential

to improve patient care, but it is not

without its challenges. To address these

challenges, London Bridge Hospital

has invested time and effort, as well as

resources, with the purchase of new MDT

software which provides links between

theatres, the catheter labs, the auditorium

FOURTEEN Cardiac MDT Approach

and other remote locations. The remote

location can be within the hospital or

anywhere in the UK with a suitable

internet connection.

London Bridge Hospital’s cardiovascular

MDT has been very successful under

the leadership of Dr Cliff Bucknall,

Consultant Cardiologist and Chair, and

International guidelines on both interventional cardiology and cardiac

surgery have recommended the utilisation of an MDT meeting approach to

assist in the management of patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).


Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

The role of the

The MDT approach is not only vital to ensuring

best clinical practice in the forum of peer review,

but also provides transparency of intervention

amongst all the relevant healthcare professionals

– particularly where personal bias could be a

potential confounding issue.

Key areas this benefits include:

• Ever-increasing complexity of patient’s medical condition

• Huge wealth of information available from the experts in one room

• Complexity of various procedures and interventions available

• Patient’s satisfaction and confidence in the decision-making process

• Excellent educational forum and support of clinical professional development.

Why use the MDT approach?

Professor Phil MacCarthy, Consultant

Cardiologist, Co-Chair and the Medical

Advisory Committee Lead. They are

supported by the Clinical Nurse Specialist

(CNS), minute-taker and a team of senior

radiographers who are responsible for

ensuring all the relevant clinical and

imaging data is available to facilitate a

swift decision.

The hospital’s Cardiovascular MDT

Meeting takes place monthly, bringing

together a wealth of London’s top

cardiologists and cardiothoracic experts.

The meeting, coordinated by Cardiac

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Farida Edzla, is

unique in bringing together renowned

Consultants from five of London’s top

teaching hospitals. Consultants from Guy’s

and St Thomas’ Hospital, King’s College

Hospital, Barts Heart Centre, Essex

Cardiothoracic Centre, and The Royal

Brompton meet to discuss complex cases

and share best practice. Where relevant,

other specialists will also attend to offer

expert opinions, including nephrologists,

urologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists,

endocrinologists and vascular surgeons, all

to enhance the quality of comprehensive

care given to the patient.

The MDT approach is a vital and integral

part of the patient’s journey. This involves

the CNS supporting the patient from

admission throughout their entire

cardiac care pathway, and will inform

them of their case being presented to

the MDT. This gives patients and their

referring doctors and GPs confidence

and reassurance that their management

and treatment is discussed and agreed

as a consensus, according to best clinical


The MDT meeting is supported by the

hospital’s CEO, John Reay and Medical

Director, Dr Kamal Ahmed. In attendance

are the Chief Nursing Officer, Clinical

Governance, nursing managers, cardiac

physiologists, the CNS Team, pharmacists,

chief perfusionists, physiotherapists,

occupational therapists, dietitians, the

CP+R Cardiac Rehab Team, catheter

lab staff and cardiothoracic nurses.

To date, we have around 37-65

attendees per meeting.

Whilst the role of the MDT approach is

both commonplace and invaluable across

NHS Trusts and in the role of patient

cardiac care, there are not many Trusts

or healthcare providers who can give

a patient’s case access to the expertise

from such a breadth and depth of high

class clinicians, as those here at London

Bridge Hospital.

We recently celebrated our second

year MDT Anniversary and we hope

to open the MDT meeting up to GPs

in the future. If you are interested in

attending, please contact Farida Edzla


07825 123430

, or email

[email protected]