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Why didyou choose to

specialise in cardiology?

As I was growing up, I always

wanted to be a doctor. I was drawn

to Cardiology as a specialty as it all

makes sense – the heart is basically

just a ‘pump’. By understanding this,

it is possible to explain to patients

what is happening to them, which

people find reassuring, and how

their problems can be resolved.

What is the most

rewarding part ofyour


When a patient is having a heart

attack and is very unwell and in

a lot of pain, I can perform an

angioplasty and ‘pop’ a stent into

their artery, which gives them

immediate pain relief and improves

their long-term health.That is

instant gratification for me and

the patient.

Dr Brian Clapp

Consultant Cardiologist

Whatareyou doingatthe


I have three small children and we are all

going for a bike ride this weekend. Hopefully,

I won’t be doing any DIY. On Sunday, I’ll be

cooking roast dinner for all the family and

Granny and Grandpa.

Whatwas the last CDthatyou


The last CD I bought was for my

goddaughter who plays the Cello.The

CD was byYo-Yo Ma and is a collection

of classical music that I hope will inspire

her own playing.

Where isyour most favourite

place intheworld?

Every year since I was a child, I have been

going to Cornwall, to a place called St

Mawes, as my Dad is a keen sailor. I now

take my family there and I find it most


Whatareyour favourite hobbies?

I enjoy walking, cycling and just getting out in

to the fresh air.

And now for the more lighthearted ones:

Firstly – the serious questions:

What is thetitle ofyour ‘best read’

to date?

A novel by Jostein Gaarder called ‘Sophie’s

World’, which is a child’s eye look at philosophy.

What isyour ‘best buy’ so farthis


A difficult question – I bought my 1-year-old

daughter a cycle helmet that has strawberries

all over it! Very cute.

Whowouldyou most liketo

be stranded ona desert island



Ifyou could change anything in

theworld,whatwould it be and


It would be fantastic if people didn’t ignore

cardiac chest pain or mistake it for something

else.The saddest part of my work is meeting

a patient who has already caused a large

amount of damage to their heart, through

a heart attack, when we know that if they

had presented earlier, they would have had

a much better outcome.



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Thank you very much for your time – GP Liaison/Marketing