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Christmas at the

London Dungeon

December 2007

Each year, the Dungeon embraces the festive

period in typically scary style! Visitors will be

encouraged to enjoy the season of ‘ill will to

all men’ with Christmas spirit turned around

in a way that even Scrooge would have been

proud of…Gothic Christmas decorations

including a spooky giant snowman, icy spiders’

webs and black, spooky themed Christmas trees

adorn the depths of the Dungeon as ‘alternative’

Christmas carols play in the background.

So if you’re looking for an escape from the

cinnamon spiced cheeriness of the holiday

season, then head to the London Dungeon

for something different this December!

For more information visit

Outdoor Ice Rink

at the Tower

24th November 2007 – 13th January 2008

Grab your gloves and scarf and take time out

from the bustle of city life to experience skating

at one of London’s most famous attractions.

Whether you go during lunchtime or make a

whole day of it, the Tower of London ice rink is

the place to be seen this festive season. Adult

tickets start from £10 (£19.50 including entrance

to the Tower), children from £7.50 (£12.50

including Tower). Family concessions are available.

For more information visit



OnYour Doorstep

Twilight Tours at the Tower

of London

30th November 2007 – 27th January 2008

Imprisonments, beheadings, cries of innocence...what better way to re-create the

Tower of London’s past than to witness the eerie shadows that gather at the Tower

after the visitors leave?

Taking place between 7 and 8.30pm, the tours are hosted by one of the world-famous

resident YeomanWarders.Tickets cost £25 per person and include a complimentary

souvenir guidebook.

For more information visit

How to Beat a Giant

Unicorn Theatre

Friday 2nd November – Sunday 2nd December 2007

From the darkened shadows of their room, Lenny and her

brother Sniff conjure up their favourite bedtime story. Lenny

takes the central role of MollieWhuppie – the fearless

adventurer who always triumphs over the dreaded giant –

whilst poor Sniff is left with the bit parts. But fantasy turns

into reality when the giant suddenly crashes into the

bedroom. Captured and about to be eaten, it’s down to

Sniff to try to save the day. For ages: 7+

For more information visit

Hard-hitting Drama comes

to the Unicorn Theatre

Tuesday 23rd October – Sunday 25th November 2007

After serving six years in a secure unit for killing her best friend, Jennifer Jones

is being released under a new identity and everyone is looking for her. Alice Tully

knows exactly where JJ is, and also what happened that day six years ago. Alice’s

past is dangerous, violent and sad and it’s about to tear her life apart...

The Unicorn is bracing itself for ‘Looking for JJ’.The world premiere production

of Anne Cassidy’s brilliant and multi-award-winning book, adapted and directed

by Marcus Romer, is a gripping story of suspense and intrigue for the Myspace

generation. Pilot Theatre integrate music, design and the latest technology to

produce visually stunning theatre that is thought provoking, powerful and


For more information visit