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I am delighted to introduce our latest GP Liaison Magazine.Thank

you for your support over the past few months, and my very best

wishes for you at a time of year when life gets increasingly frantic

in the run-up to Christmas. I am pleased to say that the hospital

has had a successful year to date and we have been well supported

with capital investment.

To update you:


31 Old Broad Street

, we have introduced new liver scanning

equipment (Fibroscan) and a new bone densitometer.The Hand

andWrist Clinic at the hospital will be moved into the City and we

are going to support it with the very latest therapeutic equipment.


London Bridge Hospital

, the liver and orthopaedic services

continue to strengthen and we hope to become a centre of

excellence in both specialties. Meanwhile, our adult cardiac surgical

results have been published, along with those of the leading London

teaching hospitals, and we compare extremely favourably, particularly

where high risk patients are concerned.

Our Women’s Health Centre, at the main hospital site, is thriving

and it has enabled us to create a much more focused outpatient

centre, with plenty of information and rapid access clinics available

to our patients.

I very much hope that you find the hospital outpatient services

continue to be responsive to your needs. Please do feel free to

write, ring or email me,

[email protected]

if ever

you feel that we can improve. I do hope that you can attend some

of our lectures and our evening get-togethers and thank you as ever

for your support for this hospital.

With kind regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

John Reay

Chief Executive Officer

To our referring

General Practitioners