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London Bridge



The London Bridge and Tower Bridge area (sometimes known as the Pool of London) is one of the

capital’s most exciting districts.

Working in the London Bridge area, it’s easy to become blasé about the wealth of things to see and

do.While thousands of visitors from far and wide pour into the area every day of the year, locals can

visit some of London’s most famous places of interest at their own convenience, and use their insider

knowledge to seek out a few of its more quirky attractions.

Street Life

Anyone who spends time in the London

Bridge area will start to see a number

of changes along our streets over the

next few months. Silver birches were

planted in Snowfields in April and London

BridgeWalk was given a spruce up in

May. Over 80 hanging baskets will soon

be hung around the district, a number

of trees along Tooley and St.Thomas

Streets will feature LED lighting schemes,

and the Duke St. Hill area will be cleaned

up and have new greenery planted. Late

summer and autumn will see further

investment and improvements to Crucifix

Lane, while the entrance to the Southwark

Playhouse will be brightened up to make

a new space for meeting and socialising.




There’s a new way to meet people in

the area since the launch of Salty Pepper,

a company that organises social events,

from sushi making to belly dancing, in

London Bridge.

Taking place in local bars and pubs, such

as The Miller, past events have included

wine and cheese tasting and a night with

a make-up artist that was described by

attendees as “fantastic” and “friendly”.

Organised for singles, the innovative

activities can be far less intimidating than

a five-minute speed dating experience,

and cost approximately £10.


The Destination

Photograph supplied by Richard Lea Hair

Photograph supplied by Richard Lea Hair