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London Bridge Hospital is pleased to announce

the opening of its new Cardiopulmonary Centre.

The Centre is a specialist amalgamation between

the cardiology and respiratory units of London

Bridge Hospital, offering patient assessment

in three categories: Lung Function,

Cardiopulmonary, Stress and Sleep Function.

These categories relate to the common

areas of patient breathlessness –

an inability to breathe at rest,

breathlessness during activities

and breathing-related disturbed

sleep patterns.

The Cardiopulmonary


The Centre was set up to cater for

the increasing numbers of patients

referred to London Bridge Hospital who

have unexplained dyspnoea, providing

assessments that assist in establishing

the correct area of clinical expertise for

further referral, so the patient is spared

the expense and inconvenience of

seeing a number of doctors for the same

symptoms.The Centre’s tests have strong

application in assessment of dyspnoea –

tests can distinguish between the cardiac,

respiratory and circulatory elements in the


With assessments such as the VO



test, cardiopulmonary exercise testing has

traditionally been associated with high-

level performance testing in athletes, but

there is strong evidence that there is scope

for application in the clinical setting.The

Centre can apply its experience in this to

pre-operative patients, where peak oxygen

consumption is an accurate predictor of

operative risk. Another exciting new area

of research is in heart failure assessment,

including unique work in the optimisation

of heart failure devices such as bi-

ventricular pacemakers and ICDs.

This new department was borne out of

the desire to combine the traditionally

separate elements of dyspnoea assessment

– cardiac tests (such as exercise stress

tests) and respiratory tests (such as the

lung function test). In isolation, or even in

sequence, these tests do not give a clear

picture of the balance and interaction

between heart, lungs and limbs to the

degree that the Centre’s cardiopulmonary

tests provide.

Respiratory work within the Centre

covers many pertinent applications. Basic

spirometry is used as a diagnostic tool

to assess lung volumes and flow

rates, which have direct correlation

to respiratory disorders, bronchial

provocation tests are used to diagnose

asthma, and full lung function tests to

assess the lung compliance and diffusing


Sleep dysfunction is also a major

contributor to reduced quality of life

in patients.The Centre’s Clinical

Physiologist, Carly Potter, explains,

“For many of our obese patients,

respiratory patients and cardiac patients,

obstructive sleep disordered breathing

is a common, yet often undiagnosed

and untreated problem.We have the

facility to quantify and treat this problem,

leading to a viable improvement in quality

of life scores.The tests and treatments

are non-invasive and patient-specific,

which has the benefit of being tolerable

for the patients.”

The Cardiopulmonary Centre is based

within the Cardiology Department of

London Bridge Hospital.The advantage

of this location is the convenient access

to other departments for further

assessments, technical expertise from

the Cardiopulmonary Centre staff and

immediate collaboration with consultants

for evaluation, if required.

For further details on

The Cardiopulmonary Centre, visit:

Or telephone:

020 7234 2265