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Cardiac Update


Cardiac Update

Mannitol Bronchial

Challenge Testing




Cardiac Update

The Cardiopulmonary Centre at

London Bridge Hospital is excited

to announce the launch of a new

service for the diagnosis of bronchial

hyper-responsiveness. A test of

particular interest to physicians for

the differential diagnosis of asthma

and hyper-reactive airway obstruction,

mannitol challenge testing is expertly

performed by the centre’s Respiratory


As an alternative to histamine

challenge testing, this test makes use

of progressively higher doses of the

licensed drug Osmohale in the form

of powder capsules, with airway

function assessed with spirometry

and flow-volume loops. The mannitol

testing protocol used within The

Cardiopulmonary Centre offers a more

streamlined challenge test which is

well-tolerated by patients.

Referrals are welcomed from all specialties, with the option to have results

reported by the centre’s Consultant Respiratory Physician, Dr George Santis.

T: 020 7234 2265

for appointments.

T: 020 7234 2265

for appointments.

Overnight ambulatory sleep monitors for the diagnosis

of sleep apnoea are available fromThe Cardiopulmonary

Centre. These devices are particularly suited to those

patients who are not candidates for in-hospital sleep

studies or full polysomnography.

A simple screening tool, the Apnoea Link records fingertip

oximetry, pulse, nasal flow and respiration within the

comfort of the patient’s own home. Although not strictly

diagnostic, these monitors are quality screening tools in

the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea especially where

CPAP therapy may be indicated.