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Professor of Interventional

Cardiology at St Thomas’

Hospital and London Bridge


He is also Director of the

Cardiac Cath Labs at St

Thomas’ Hospital and was

Treasurer and Council

Member of BCIS for 9 years.

He has extensive experience

in high-risk and complex

interventional procedures

including rotablation, laser,

chronic total occlusions, mitral

valvuloplasty and Transcatheter

AorticValve Implantation

(TAVI). Professor Redwood

runs an active interventional

research programme, details of

which can be found at


New Procedures


New Procedures

Treated with TAVI

“Around 10 years ago, I found I was having difficulty keeping up

with my companions on successive walking holidays in Switzerland,

the Pyrenees and Corfu. Over a decade, I had gradually increasing

difficulty with slopes and golf due to fatigue and breathlessness.

Previously, I had been told that I had a heart murmur, so I asked

my GP to refer me to Dr Brian Gould, a cardiologist. He gave

me a coronary angiogram at St Thomas’ and referred me to Mr

Christopher Young at London Bridge Hospital with a diagnosis of

severe Aortic Stenosis.

“Mr Young told me that my age of 85 was not really significant and

that I could have a tried and tested open heart operation or the

newer, less invasive, but less well tested,Transcatheter AorticValve

Implantation (TAVI). Both were discussed and I chose the TAVI


“Professor Simon Redwood and the TAVI team carried out the

procedure at London Bridge Hospital in March 2011. I underwent

a transfemoral TAVI, using a 23mm Edwards Sapien XT valve. From

the beginning, I felt very confident about everybody and pleasantly

surprised that I was pain-free following the procedure. The nursing

care in ICU and in my room was very good and expertly carried

out by all the staff. I really enjoyed talking to all the various people I

came in contact with.

“Mr Young told me that the shortest hospital stay after a TAVI was

one day but agreed that person was not 85. After an excellent

recovery, I was discharged on the fifth day feeling fine. I was pleased

that, particularly during my initial consultations, both Mr Young and

Professor Redwood were personally involved in my care plan, which

I feel was an important factor in ensuring I felt confident about my

treatment. I am very grateful to the cardiac team and all the TAVI

staff at both St Thomas’ and London Bridge Hospital.”

The TAVI procedure is performed with close collaboration between

an Interventional Cardiologist and a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. In this

case, Dr Vasey’s procedure was performed by Professor Redwood

in conjunction with Mr Young. They have both been involved in

over 200 procedures, with 10 of those being carried out at London

Bridge Hospital – these have carried a 100% success rate.



Prof Simon Redwood


Secretary: Suzanne Pattinson

T: 020 7188 0955

F: 020 7401 3527