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1.Why did you decide to study


Medicine runs in my family. It all started

with my grandfather, who made a big

impression on me when I was young.

He was a doctor and I saw how

appreciative people were when they

visited his practice after being treated. In

addition, following advances in medicine

through the media as a child only

reinforced my desire to study medicine.

2.What made you pursue your


Whilst training as a junior doctor in

Manchester, I worked for an inspirational

vascular surgeon who enhanced my

desire to pursue my chosen specialty.

Also, the rapidly increasing technological

advances in vascular surgery simply

strengthened my conviction to further

my career in the field of cardiovascular


3.What is the most rewarding

part of your job?

Seeing grateful and happy patients

following their treatment fills one with

an unbelievable sense of achievement.

4.What do you enjoy doing in

your spare time?

When I do have some spare time I

enjoy playing five-a-side football and

squash, which tends to be on Sunday

mornings. I also enjoy going to the


5.What is the title of your best

read so far?

I mainly read medical journals but one

of my all time favourites has to be ‘The

Mr Kyriakides is a Fellow

of The Royal Colleges of

Surgeons of England and

Edinburgh,Vascular Society

of Great Britain and Ireland,

European Society of Vascular

Surgery and Association of

Surgeons of Great Britain and


He qualified from Manchester

University in 1991. He trained

at Manchester, Brigham

Women’s Hospital, Harvard

Medical School and St Mary’s

Hospital London. In 2003, he

was appointed Consultant

Vascular and Endovascular

Surgeon at Bart’s and The

London NHS Trust and is

currently the Lead Clinician.

In 2006, he was appointed

Honorary Senior Lecturer to

the University of London.

10 minutes


Mr Constantinos Kyriakides,

Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Art of The Deal’ by Donald Trump. It

reinforced my belief that great things

come out of good teamwork and

choosing the team of people around

you is of paramount importance.

6. If you could invite three people

to dinner, living or dead, who

would they be?

Michael DeBakey – I am very

curious how one man can come up

with so many inventions and in a

lifetime revolutionising the area of

cardiovascular surgery. Dr Christian

Bernard, the South African surgeon

who performed the first successful

human heart transplant, and Salvador

Dali, being such a fan of art myself,

I am fascinated by how he came up

with the ideas for some of his most

outstanding work.

7.What is special about where

you grew up?

I grew up in Cyprus so I had the sun

and the sea but the thing that was

special for me was the close-knit

community spirit and the security and

support that it offered.

8.Where is your favourite place

in the world?

Italy – it offers some of the best food

and wine and also makes some of my

favourite cars.

9.Who would you get to play

yourself in a movie?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

because working in medicine every

day is an adventure.

Consultant interview

Mr Constantinos


ConsultantVascular and

Endovascular Surgeon

Secretary: Pat Campbell

T: 020 7702 7779

F: 020 7790 2910





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