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Women’s Health


Women’s Health

For more information regardingWomen’s Health Services, please contact the GP Liaison Department on:

T: 020 7234 2009

or alternatively visit .

Ovarian Cancer

• Epithelial ovarian cancer

• Germ cell tumours

• Stromal tumours

Cervical Cancer

• Adenocarcinoma

• Squamous cell carcinoma

We provide a fully tailored treatment

programme with access to leading

Oncology Consultants.Treatments

for ovarian and cervical cancers

involve a combination of surgery

and chemotherapy.

Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer

Endometrial cancer is the most

commonly occurring cancer of the

female reproductive system.At London

Bridge Hospital, we have the capability

to diagnose endometrial (uterine) cancer

and identify what stage the cancer is at.

London Bridge Hospital also offers a

wide range of medical, interventional

and diagnostic services and specialties



• High cholesterol level


• Hypertension (high blood pressure)

• Sleep Centre


• Bowel cancer screening


• General dermatology


• Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)


• General sports injuries

• Physiotherapy

• Musculoskeletal

• Back/spine disorders/injuries

Sexual Health

• Sexual counselling

• Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

We offer a dedicated service treating STIs.

Sports & Exercise Medicine

• General sports injuries

• Physiotherapy

• Benign breast conditions

• Breast cancer

• Breast reconstruction

These services provide rapid access,

advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Appointments are available five days

a week and patients can choose from

our London Bridge Hospital site or

31 Old Broad Street, our Diagnostic

and Treatment Centre in the City.We

also offer a One-Stop Breast Clinic at

London Bridge Hospital and 31 Old

Broad Street providing patients with

quick diagnosis in one appointment.


At London Bridge Hospital we have

access to leading gynaecological

specialists.These specialists provide

treatment for a large array of problems

such as:

• Endometriosis

• Fibroids

• Infertility

• Menstrual cycle problems

• Menopause

- Onward referral for osteoporosis

• Ovarian cysts

• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Menstrual Cycle Problems

Most women have a menstrual cycle

that’s regular, around 28 days long, and

they bleed for three to seven days

each cycle. Some women, however,

experience problems.The Gynaecology

Services available at London Bridge

Hospital can help with the following

menstrual cycle problems:

• Bleeding at abnormal times

• Heavy periods (menorrhagia)

• Irregular periods

• Painful periods (dysmenorrhoea)

• Periods which stop (amenorrhoea)


The menopause is marked by the

ending of menstruation (when a

woman’s periods stop).As a result of

these hormonal changes, many women

have physical and emotional symptoms

such as hot flushes, night sweats and


At London Bridge Hospital, we provide

consultation and treatment to ease

menopausal symptoms that are severe

or distressing.


The Oncology Unit specialises in the

diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It

has access to renowned surgeons,

medical and clinical oncologists and

interventional radiologists.The unit

provides comprehensive care for most

cancer types including haematological


London Bridge Hospital has a dedicated

OncologyWard and Chemotherapy

Day Unit which forms part of the

[email protected]

for the treatment and

reassessment of patients undergoing

systemic anti-cancer treatments.The

ward nurses are qualified as cancer

nursing practitioners to ensure that

systemic anti-cancer treatment is

administered safely.

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

At London Bridge Hospital, we can

treat the most common types of

ovarian and cervical cancer which are: