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London Lung Cancer Centre


London Lung Cancer Centre

The London Lung Cancer Centre

was originally developed at London

Bridge Hospital to offer patients with

suspected or proven lung cancer – or

any thoracic cancer – a rapid opinion

and treatment plan.

We have exceptional expertise in

minimally invasive thoracic surgery

and can offer keyhole surgery when

other surgeons would offer a standard

operation through a large incision.The

benefit is reduced pain and discomfort,

rapid return to normal activities and

improved cosmetics.

We also have a particular expertise

in managing complex thoracic cases

such as advanced-stage lung cancer or

secondary lung cancer – when a cancer

has spread to the lungs (from a primary

bowel, renal, breast or skin cancer).

We offer all treatment modalities

including surgery, chemotherapy,

targeted therapy with new agents

aimed at blocking key receptors on

the cancer cells and radiotherapy

including CyberKnife radiosurgery,

one of the most accurate and

effective radiotherapy modality.

We offer Radiofrequency Ablation

(RFA), a new treatment modality

allowing percutaneous treatment

of lung cancer when patients are

not fit enough for surgery.

We have an established reputation

in the field of malignant pleural

mesothelioma, a form of pleural

cancer involving the lining of the

lung and induced by asbestos

exposure. Our expertise in surgery,

chemotherapy, targeted therapy and

radiotherapy for this condition is

widely acknowledged both nationally

and internationally.

We offer expertise in all fields and

a combined integrated approach

minimising delays and improving

the chances of success. Our expertise

is based on treating hundreds of

patients per year and participating

in ground-breaking research in

the field.

We offer rapid consultations and

appointments for onward treatment.

Generally, patients can have an

appointment within 24-48 hours of

referral at different sites across London:

London Bridge Hospital, Harley Street

Clinic in Central London or The Lister

Hospital inWest London.

London Lung

Cancer Centre

A new clinic for patients with suspected

or established lung or thoracic cancer.

For more information regarding the London Lung Cancer Centre, please contact the GP Liaison Department on:

T: 020 7234 2009

or visit our website